"The Hacker..."

Chapter 1: The Best Job Offer Ever….

It's the election of the new president and the winner of the election was a man, named Richard Kirkus, who has been president for 4 straight terms now. That wasn't much of a biggie if he was a good man, the thing is he wasn't. Ever since his reign the country retrograded to its worst state in decades. How did he win in four straight streaks is a mystery to all. Will he win another election, is all determined by one company…

Ray: D'Arvit! That bastard won again can't they see that he's obviously cheating! Get me the best hacker in town; this guy has caused too much ruckus to be ignored we have to stop him before it's too late!

Mike: Yes sir!

Ray was the owner of a wealthy company, it wasn't like any regular wealthy company in fact it was unique since it knew one thing everyone didn't. That thing was the fact that Richard Kirkus was cheating, and not only that they also knew how he was cheating. Ray's company has been working with the government for decades now, and believe me; Ray knows a cheater when he sees one. Especially one that has been against his company for 2 years now after knowing what they found out.

Mike: We got this guy named Chester Faull he says he's the best hacker in town

Ray: Oh? Get him to come over here ASAP!

Mike: he says he can start today sir.

Ray: Well what are ya waiting for tell him to get over here fast!

Mike: Yes sir! He says he's on his way!

Ray: Good! (That was fast…He's quite free considering the fact that he is the best hacker in town)

Chester raced down the road as fast as his car could go. He couldn't wait to get there this was his biggest break! No hacker would ever let this opportunity slide and he wasn't gonna be the first one.

Chester: Yes! Finally a chance to get a payback at that bastard who made me lost most of my clients! Richard Kirkus this is the day you will meet your doom no one ever crosses Chester Faull!

His car parked just beside the building, these days no one followed the law. Petty crimes like these were commonly done everyday. Plus he didn't mind, if he would get caught since it was all worth it anyway even though he knew he wouldn't.

Mike: He's here sir!

Mike Cassean showed his boss Chester Faull passing though the lobby doors in the camera.

"Good" Ray said as he pressed a button the intercom connecting him to the receptionist

Ray: Anne get him over here fast!

Anne: But sir…

Ray: No buts! The quicker he gets here the earlier we can bust that bastard's behind!

Anne: Yes sir!

Chester: Excuse me, I'm looking for a certain Ray Velasco, I have a meeting with him

Anne: Right this way sir

Anne led Chester up the private elevator; obviously it was the fastest way to get to their destination. They were to only use it during emergencies and this was one of them.

Anne: here we are sir, walk straight when ya get to the end take a right and you'll enter a door the lady over there will be glad to help you.

Chester: Thanks

Chester dashed through following her directions, when he opened the door he was surprised to see the most beautiful girl in the world.

Chester: whoa… (whispering) (She's hot! Definitely my type, I knew this job called for me!)

Maggie: Chester Faull, Mr. Velasco is waiting for you next door.

Tearing himself off from his gaze, Chester headed towards next door, only to await what he was going to be hired for….

Chapter 2: Plan A to Kicking Kirkus' Butt!

Ray: Chester Faull ey… from your records here your quite an extensive hacker. I congratulate you for coming down here, even though ya knew you could get arrested.

Chester Faull smirked an evil sly smile…

Chester: Ah! But that is where you're wrong sir, if you arrest me how do you suppose me to render my services?

Ray: You make a good point there hacker, but that's not the reason why we called you here today isn't it? ...We would like to give ya a chance to rid yourself of these records and…

Chester: A chance to kick Kirkus' butt

Ray: Yes and that, so will ya do it?

Chester: With pleasure!

Ray Velasco briefed Chester on the main points of the job as he shuffled through Chester's records scanning each one.

Ray: The president is to give a speech 4 days from now at the square plaza. What I want you to do is to infiltrate into his system and get him to present this video instead of his usual propaganda crap.

Chester: And what may this video contain?

Ray: All the information proving his methods of cheating during the elections

Chester: Sweet, when can I begin? Do I get to handle the video?

Ray: Yes it will be sent to ya along with the address leading you to the his files

Chester: How hard is it to infiltrate this system?

Ray: Try it out for yourself

Ray said as he turned the laptop to face Chester. Chester studied the screen, the security was pretty tight. He would have to spend at least a day to infiltrate the whole system. Of course being a hacker he was also known to take more than he was asked to. Meaning he was planning of not only hacking into the presentation but also into the governments files. A sly smile eructed from his face, ("Chester my boy, you have found you're way to freedom!")

Chester: Hmm…Interesting….

Ray: So ya'll take it

Chester: Of course!

Ray: Aside from today, you'll have two days to infiltrate the system I believe that is more than enough time for the best hacker in town

Chester: Yes, of course

Ray: Well then I hope ya keep the end of your bargain, remember hacker we know where to find you

Chester: Oh don't worry sir, I will.

Ray: Well then what your waiting for get your butt home and start working!

Chester slowly exited the room, with a smile on his face; he couldn't wait to get his hands on that data. Let alone use it for his own purposes.

Chapter 3: Rivalry…

Chester eagerly drives off to his workplace. Unlike most hackers who prefer working at home in their own comfort zones, Chester preferred working outside to be more specific in an internet café. He knew just the perfect place for a job like this, as he set course for "Netopia"

Chester: Hello there Krystal

Krystal: Chester, nice seeing you back here after some time, new client I suppose?

Chester: Better, I got the bastard's archenemy under my heels, get me the usual place

Krystal: (giggles) you know ya got it

Chester walks off, giving Krystal a smile; he knew the girl always had a liking for him. He was after all a charming, dangerous guy and what more but the best hacker in the world or so he thought…

He sat down and started working, forgetting that he had a date, a date with Ray's hot secretary. Even though he was the one who asked her out, overjoyed by the offer given to him, he wasn't going to bother himself with such things as these. Even if she was the best gal in the planet. He was back in his own world doing what he was best known for; hacking!

Maggie: Hi, is a certain Chester Faull here

Krystal scowled at the sight of Maggie she just couldn't stand a rival. No, Chester Faull was hers and hers alone.

Krystal: No, we have no such customer

Maggie: Funny, he said this was his usual spot

Krystal: May I know the purpose

Maggie: Oh we were supposed to have a date

Krystal smiled, she loved then answer she gave, although she did feel guilty for ruining Chester's date.

Krystal: I'm sorry mam, but we know nothing about him

Maggie: Thank you

Chester: Were you looking for me?

Chester exited the place holding Maggie's hand as if he were to escort her to the most expensive place on earth. Krystal scowled, astonished by his gesture, she wouldn't hold his place; no, let alone the thing he was working on. She was going to let his seat be taken by the very next customer who came through the café's doors.

A kid named Aivan Monceller came in; he like Chester was one of the store's regular customers. He was quickly directed to Chester's former private seat. Speculated by the wonderful service given to him, Aivan sat with caution noting everything around him just as a regular hacker would avoid being caught on the act. Yes, our little friend was a hacker and a very young one too. Being just 12yrs. old he had an extraordinary intelligence, yes, he was to be the world's boy genius. But this wasn't his goal, his goal was to overstep a certain Chester Faull and become the best hacker in town.

Aivan scrolled through his computer seeing government files and security codes. He studied them awed by the information give to him so easily. He quickly hacked into the system making a very big mistake. He was caught! The minute he entered the system, his computer shut down on it's own unable to be turned back on. An alarm system triggered and police floked into the shop surrounding him in seconds...

Chapter 4: The Biggest Mistake Ever!

Yes this was obviously not the doing of a regular kid, but Aivan was no regular kid. He was a genius, a work of art; he was the perfect person for the act. He was quickly arrested and placed into a special cell. Without any trial; no, this act is unquestionable, hacking into the government files was considered to be the most serious crime since Kirkus' reign. Kirkus wasn't going to take any chances.

ON the other hand, Chester had gone home only to get a very bed sermon. His telephone rang the minute he stepped into his apartment. He picked it up and heard a mouthful…

Ray: Faull!

Chester: Oh Mr. Velasco it's good to hear you call me by my name

Ray: Don't bet on it hacker, the only reason why I'm calling you by your name is because you made the biggest mistake! This kid's been caught hacking into government files!

Chester: And why does that concern me?

Ray: Because he was hacking what you were supposed to be hacking!

Chester: What?!

Chester traced through the events that happened, he was indeed tired from the date. (Show the events that happened…)

Krystal! Boom! Yes, it dawned on him! He cursed himself for making the dumbest mistake ever!

Chester: D'Arvit!

Ray: Oh so you remember…Well then I guess you know what's in stored for people like you!

Ray slammed the phone down. Sadly he wasn't going to kick Kirkus' butt any time soon. But little did he know of Chester Faull, Chester Faull wasn't the type of guy who would let a work like this go undone. No, Chester was well determined to get his title back even though he knew it would be harder than before. Way harder…

Chapter 5: Plan B to Kicking Kirkus' Butt!

Chester scrolled down his computer hacking into his clients files; he hated it all because of one mistake he had to do double the work he was supposed to. Chester worked till next morning, occasionally getting up to take a bite, apparently Kirkus' system has tripled in security and surveillance.

Aivan: Hey! I'm innocent! The files were there already! Do you think a kid like me could do such a thing!

Richard: Yes, in fact you are not just a mere kid. Aivan don't forget who are ya dealing with the government and we have all the documents we need to prove that you did it.

Aivan: D'Arvit!

Aivan said sitting back down on the bed of his cell; he thought back, how did he get the files? Ah yes, of course it was Chester Faull who was supposed to be here not him! Aivan sat examining each part of his cell thinking of a way to escape…

Ray on the other hand was having problems of his own. Apparently the government has taken actions against his company after finding out what they did. Worse the speech was made a day earlier…

Ray: D'Arvit!

Chester Faull heard of the news too, apparently there was no way to infiltrate the system in time. He had to devise a plan, Chester's mind never let him down and he's sure it won't this time.

Chester: Unless…

Ray's company was shut down giving them only one way to defeat Kirkus. That was through Mike Cassean, a double agent of Ray's company. He was the only way to get inside access to the presentation. But the thing is what if Mike was caught? ...

Chapter 6: Kicking Kirkus' butt

It was the day of the presentation; Mike Cassean entered the plaza early to switch the presentation

Mike: Bye bye Kirkus

He said with a sly smile, but what he did not know was that Kirkus too came in early to inspect the place just in case Ray might try to interfere.

Richard: Hello there Mike

Mike: Oh Mr. President nice to see ya sir

Richard: drop the formalities what are you doing with my presentation?

Mike: um um um… fixing it

While the commotion went on between the two, they did not notice a figure slide pass by into the backstage computer room…

Chester: Hello boys!

Chester said as he made them all unconscious on the floor.

Chester: heh that was easy and now for a little impersonation, "Hello I would like to talk to issue a release of one of your prisoners namely Aivan Monceller." Chester said impersonating one of the men in the room

Plue: Sir?

Chester: The president said to let him go. Oh and before that I would like to have a little chat with him

Plue: Yes of course sir

Chester: Hello Aivan

Chester said in his real voice

Aivan: Chester Faull!

Chester: I'm glad you know me so well

Aivan: What do you want?

Chester: Your help

Aivan: The greatest hacker in the world needs my help, wow now that's news!

Chester: Here's the deal you help me infiltrate this guy's system and I'll issue for your release

Aivan: and what if I refuse?

Chester: You could as well stay there for your whole life

Aivan: Fine!

Chester: Good! When you go out there would a car waiting for you get in and you'll be heading for Netopia from there you will be directed to my seat pm me when you get there

Aivan was released from his cell, and surely outside was a car waiting for him. He went in and was shortly in Faull's seat…


Aivan: I'm here

Chester: Good, now I've sent you an email of the files and how to hack them

Aivan: Why can't ya do this on your own?

Chester: I am, I'm doing it from the inside, but the thing is I might get caught

Aivan: So I'm like your back up?

Chester: think of it as a race to whoever gets to infiltrate3 the system first and insert this video

Aivan: Deal! May the best Hacker win!

(end of message)

Chester Faull did not care for the race his only intention was to open all the gates and let Aivan through before he was caught. After some hours of working…

Richard: Hey what's with you get the files running! (on the radio)

Chester: Yes sir! (responding)

Richard: Check on the guys would ya I smell something fishy

J: Yes sir!

J checked the room and surely something was not right.

J: Hey what are you doing here!

Chester: A little alterations…

(fight scene)


Aivan: Got it in!

Chester: Sweet! Well you're on your on plug it in and let it run I got to finish a little battle here XD

Both: Kirkus prepare to meet your doom!

(end of message)

(the video plays)

The video was played all worldwide, It was a success! Even Ray saw it played in the police station

Ray: Yes! He's done it!

Chester Faull's face comes up on the screen…

Chester: Ha! Beat that Richard Kirkus! No one crosses Chester Faull! Whoohooo!