For the boy who knew how to smile
And the boy who told me stars are dead
To the boy I never gave enough to
And the boy I wish I'd never met

I. Harley Quinn flashed a grin
I threw one back to her and she caught it
Arcane knowledge of desire and felines
But from your mountain you smiled
And everything spun into focus
...I never saw things this way

II. Empty streets and empty hearts
Just another cliché
You say I point at three stars
And expect you to see why I covet kisses
So you exact your revenge
And whisper…they've been dead forever

III. Viennese waltz sounds so chic
You can hardly utter the words
But I am to marry a Prince and need
To excel and better even you
Gag by my side, it's my future
And I've never granted you a place in it

IV. Withered down from my Heights
You filtered me through your teeth
Devouring the ghost of me
Gorging on my essence and leaving no blood
It rained on every night I couldn't sleep
But you're not exorcised from memory