To the boy who proved to me, men can be whores as well
And the boy who showed me dark secrets are forged in dark places

To the boy who turned his back on me

And the one who wanted me under all the wrong conditions

V. Cabaret nights and alcohol-driven dementia
We blasphemed against love then ignored it

Unlike desire, the grasp of my hand is now infinite

Another coating of jade around my semi-precious heart

You whispered: I want to kiss you when you're sober

But baby, I thought you only liked me filthy and degraded

VI. Under the cover of shadows naked sin parades
You picked me from the crowd like my flesh was jeweled

And I seduced you with the mock-glory of youth

Pretending I did not know I was leading myself astray

You could argue I did not resist enough to be a victim

But at least desire never once drove me to my knees

VII. Sunsets and sunrises become kitsch in winter
A strange beauty that for once exists outside movies

In between these you sold me for bottles of whisky
Though I was never yours and never will be

Why do you save me from drowning then shackle me?

I'm not the one hurting you and I don't love you

VIII. Eyes that became voids starved of sunlight
Never noticed you until you became necessary

There was no grace in either of our movements

Just something in the smell of your skin

Reminding me of promises never made to me

But by now, I guess I've just become unworthy of them