Chapter 24-

Arika was sitting on the bed, propped up by pillows, when they entered. "Hi," she said with a painful smile.

Jeremy sat down in the chair next to her. "Are you all right?" he asked worriedly.

She nodded slowly. "I will be."

Jeremy smiled anxiously. "You scared the life out of me when you screamed and the line went dead."

She winced. "Sorry."

"It's all right." He replied quietly.

"Did they catch Calida?" Arika asked. Then she frowned. "And how did you get away from her?"

Jeremy smiled. "While I was negotiating with Calida, Lucas called Bruce and alerted him to what was happening. When Calida and I exited the hotel, Bruce jumped her."

"So they have her in custody?" Arika asked again.

Jeremy nodded. "Yes."

Arika glanced at Lucas. "Thanks for helping me."

He smiled. "It was my pleasure."

Arika turned back to her brother. "Jeremy, Calida killed Dad."

Jeremy froze and stared at Arika. "Are you sure?"

Arika nodded. "Yes, that's why she came after me. She knew I recognized her when I saw her with Hernando."

"Hernando?" Jeremy and Lucas repeated in unison.

"Yes, Selena's father," Arika explained.

"Why was Calida with Selena's father?" Lucas asked.

"She's Selena's cousin," Arika said.

Jeremy's eyebrows rose. "Oh, what a tangled web."

Arika nodded. "Yes, and now we just have to untangle it."


"Arika," Jeremy's voice awoke her from sleep.

She opened her eyes and frowned up at her brother. "What?" she asked groggily.

"A witness has come forward saying that Calida was gone the same time that Selena was killed and that Calida really did kill our dad." Jeremy said.


Jeremy nodded. "Yes."


"I'm still confused," Lola said. "Explain it to me again."

Arika sighed. "Well, when I was in Spain with my father, Calida was there working with Brad. Unfortunately, my dad saw something he wasn't supposed to, and Brad ordered Calida to kill him."

"Did your dad know he saw something?" Lola asked.

Arika shrugged. "That's something we'll never know."

"But why did Calida kill Selena?" Lola questioned.

"Pure jealousy," Arika began. "Calida was always envious of Selena. She thought it was unfair when Selena went to live in Brad's 'home'."

"But that was not a home, and Selena was miserable there," Lola interrupted.

Arika nodded. "Yes, but that's not how Calida viewed it. She thought Selena was living in the lap of luxury, and looking down on the rest of them. Then when she learned that Selena had married an American and gone to America she was livid."

Lola sighed. "So, she came here?"

"Yes, she came here, killed Selena, and framed Lucas."

"Why frame me?" Lucas asked.

"You were the easiest target." Arika said.

"How?" Lola mused. "How could someone do that?"

"I honestly don't know," Arika replied.

"Calida?" Selena asked.

"Hello, Selena," Calida replied. She raised her arm and the moonlight glinted off the gun in her hand.

"What are you doing?" Selena cried.

"Taking my revenge," Calida said.

Selena lunged at her and both tumbled to the ground. They rolled over and over fighting to gain control of the gun. Selena was just about to snatch it, when Calida landed a strong kick to her stomach. She groaned and fell backwards, but she quickly regained her footing.

When she turned, Calida was standing facing her, gun in hand.

"Why are you doing this?" she cried.

Calida didn't answer. She squeezed the trigger.

The bullet struck Selena and she fell. "Lucas," she whispered painfully. "I love you." As she fought to keep her eyes open, the pain began to overwhelm her. Lucas! She didn't want to leave him, but she wasn't strong enough to hold on any longer...

The End

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