"why i'll never fall through the mirror again"

Why, h'ullo again bags
You've been absent from my eyes so long
It's pleasant to see you back

N'Yes, this year has been a darling
A darling of a damn good time
With my sleepless nights getting longer
My health improves with a few good lies

And that's fine
I'm okay
Time moves on
And that means that everything's great

So what happens
When this fog lifts
And the mess is
Still embedded in my brain
Will 'ya save me?
Now that you know me?
What happens when I
Fall through the mirror again

I'm doing the best I can
But the tortures I've made for myself
Pale to the tortures of my own life's hand

N'Yes,the best chance is that I'm lying
I'm lying about being pained
But in my mind, I'm the perfect martyr
Or it's my fear that I'm really not sane

That's really not fine
It shows I'm not okay
Despite how hard I try
To somehow make myself feel the same


I will crawl
I will drag
This cumbersome body
Back to the pits

And the ground will open up
And the truth will overcome
When the light's upon my face
You will see the bones
Of which I'm truly made

Don't be alarmed when I
Have gaping holes that fill with light
One through my chest
Two through my eyes
Don't be surprised
When you see I'm empty inside

Chorus (N' so it will happen)