I love you Danielle
With all my heart, I love you

I just want you to know
I love you too...
and I always have loved you
and I never let you go
so don't let yourself believe
that I ever even liked someone else
cuz you're the only one
you're the only one

don't let go of me
there's this gap forming between me
and the rest of the world
don't put yourself on the other side of the gap
I need you
I love you

no one knows what this feels like
this emptiness
this confusion
it's like walking in a dark corridor
with things set out to make you trip
to make you screw up
to make sure that you don't make it to the other end intact

I don't know where I'm going
but I do know
that somewhere along this corridor
there's a room
full of the people that I need
and there's only one person in that room:

I just gotta find that door.