Prologue: Teaching Spencer Romero What's What
by: Secretive

We stumble into love with perfect, awkward grace.

I honestly think that I would have every right to stab him with my pen right now. That was the only thought going through my head as I glared at one Spencer Romero; also known as the guy that I want to hire a hit out on. And I would go about finding myself a hit man to finally take care of the jerk, but I don't have the money for one and I'm kind of terrified that the guy I went to would end up being a police officer undercover. It would be just my luck try to get a cop to take care of my dorm mate's boyfriend.

Why did Ana have to fall for such an idiot in the first place? I think that when two people hang out as much as we do, that we should come up with some kind of dating plan: like, we should meet each other and discuss whether or not we both agree on adding some guy into our group. That way we're both happy in the end. If we had had that kind of set up when Spencer came into Ana's life three months ago, I think I would be a lot happier. Because I would have vetoed his ass quicker than you can say "popcorn". However, we have yet to have this set up, which means I'm stuck having to spend time with the idiot of the underworld.

Okay, perhaps I shouldn't call him an idiot: you can't be an idiot and be on the dean's list, but honestly, the way he acts causes one to wonder about his brain activity. For some odd reason, the guy thinks that messing with me—Ana's chronically angry best friend—is a good idea. Who does that? Who on earth would keep jabbing at a lion when they noticed that said lion was getting ticked off? It's got to be one of the dumbest ideas in the world.

Stupid masochist...

Honestly, what does she see in him? I mean, okay, he's an attractive guy, but I never thought that Ana would be the type that would pick someone purely on his outside appearance. She's always going on and on about how it's what's on the inside that counts, that I just figured that she would pick some guy with an astounding personality to be the person she swapped spit with. Instead she picked him; a guy that probably couldn't look bad if he were trying. The kind of guy that does that Ricky Ricardo thing (let me take the moment now to say that I absolutely detested Ricky Ricardo...not that Lucy wasn't annoying, but what kind of man treats his wife like that?), where he switched over to his native tongue whenever he got too excited about something. So, whenever Spencer starts talking in Spanish I usually think he's swearing at me.

Which, honestly, is probably a fair assessment.

Let's just say that my dislike towards him is pretty much mirrored in the way that he feels about me. And my extreme dislike for him amazes me, since I've only known him as long as Ana has. Three months and I already hate him with the kind of passion that makes me dream of professional killers getting rid of him.

Obviously he makes quite the impression.

"What the matter Willa? You don't seem as hyper excited as you did a moment ago." Spencer asked with mock concern, a smirk already covering his face. I glared at him and had to refrain from shoving him into a pile of leaves.

"I can't believe you just did that." I hissed, picking up my speed.

"And here I thought I was helping you out." He replied, easily keeping pace with me. Damn him and his long legs!

"Telling Jeffrey Patters that I have a colossal crush on him is not helping me!" I barked and then immediately felt myself flush. "Remind me to kill Ana later." I muttered, "I can't believe she told you..."

"Ana's a big girl now and happens to be in a relationship. Which means we share everything."

I reeled around and hit Spencer as hard as I could in the stomach and then took off running. Once again he caught up with me easily. Damn him and his rock hard abs! (I'm apparently just going to be cursing him today...) I think that I hurt myself worse by trying to cause him actual harm, than by anything else.

"Stupid Relationship Ana." I muttered darkly to myself, still trying in vain to get away from Spencer. I can't believe that she would tell him that I had a crush on some guy. What was she thinking? How dare she give him ammo against me!

Currently, she's on my list too. least Relationship Ana is...

"Poor Patters... That look of terror in his eyes when he realized you were after him."

"Go to Hell." I bit out, trying to storm off, unsuccessfully once again. Obviously he gets off on tormenting me.

"Now Willa, the way you talk to me makes me feel like you don't like me all that much and how's Ana going to feel about that?" He asked, smirking evilly at me. Not for the first time, I imagined grabbing his lip and pulling hard. I bet that kind of pain would shut him up, seeing as his body wasn't acknowledging the fact that I was hitting him. I was about to reach up and make a grab for it when he straightened, putting his face out of my reach. And once again I was reminded of how this giant idiot tended to lean down closer to me when he was talking. I'm not that short. I'm five foot eight, when onearth has that ever been short? But I suppose when you're a little over six foot three, shortness is pretty much anything beneath six feet.

Maybe if I spoke really softly, he leaned down low enough and I could rip that sucker...

Yes, my thoughts have turned towards the gruesome, so sue me.

"Ana knows that I can't stand you." I bit out, glaring up at him. "And I really don't care if she made me promise to be nice to you, you don't deserve kindness from anyone."

"Oh, ouch." He announced with a roll of his eyes. "How your words hurt me."

"Oh, I know how to hurt you." I muttered beneath my breath.

"What was that?"

I shook my head and then grinned a little when I was that he was leading us past one of the college's many fountains. Taking a deep breath, I waited until we were positioned just so; his back towards the fountain and me standing before him, before I stopped walking. He did too, because he's just the kind of person. I stared up at him, noticing how his bangs fell into his eyes, practically shading them from light. For a moment I felt bad about the fact that I wouldn't be able to see the look of surprise in his eyes, but I got over that quickly enough.

"Spencer." I said softly, and just as expected he leaned down to hear me better. It was then that I let the grin spread across my face, "Go screw yourself." I said and then shoved him back as hard as I could. Then took off running once he hit the water. No way I was sticking around to see what a angry Spencer was capable of doing.

A/N: Okay...this is what came out when I tried to rewrite Javier and Rosaline's story... It's a pretty good thing that someone emailed me a copy of that story, because this is nothing like it. Anyways, I hope somebody enjoyed reading this!

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