An abyss of darkness surrounds me

As I scream out and hope you will hold me

I can't help but need it

Stranded alone on this corner

I want

I need you to love me

It's all gone

The hope that once caressed my heart,

Is thrown onto the ground

& my heart is shattered to pieces

One by one

I tape the pieces back together

But they won't heal

& time can only do so much

So in the end,

It falls apart and descends,

Into the abyss of darkness

That surrounds me

& holds me like you never would

I write all of this down

So one day, you will find my letter

Torn, wrinkled, & old

Maybe then, you will wish

That you had held me as I wanted

& needed you to

Maybe then, you will realize

The abyss of darkness that surrounded me

The hopeless hope that caressed my heart

& the love that you never showed me

Maybe then, you will shed a tear

For the shattered pieces of my heart

& clutch your own as if I had torn it out

Hopefully, you will descend into that abyss of darkness

& scream and hope someone will hold you

& want

& need someone's love like I did

Hopefully…you will never come out of that darkness….

Hope caresses my heart

That you will suffer the way I did