We praise our Lord, who is the holy one...

I'll praise You when You stop ordering innocents to die.
I'll praise You when any actual evidence is offered for your existence.
I'll praise You when we don't need a perennial army of propagandists operating throughout our nation to keep our children from rebelling against You.
I'll praise You when science stops contradicting the Bible, the Koran, and the Talmud.
I'll praise You when I stop being bombarded by so many different interpretations of Your word that it hurts to break the shackles.
So basically, I will never praise You.
I don't even know why I'm capitalizing your name.
I'm myself, and I don't need you. When I am on the verge of death, when I am unsure about what is to come, I will remember my life and be happy that I didn't waste time praising you.
Why must you be praised? If you're so great, why do you waste your time with humans?

I'm so fucking sick of being bombarded by propaganda in your nonexistent name. I'm sick because the college I'd otherwise completely love to attend is so rooted in your all-oppressing name that they require students to attend church services in which puppets with slight musical or rhetorical talents relentlessly slam your name into our respective consciousnesses without considering in the slightest the desperate, on-edge rancor that fills my body every time I hear someone say that homosexuality is a sin or that abortion should be outlawed or Ann Coulter tells us that "We should invade Middle Eastern countries, kill their leaders and convert them to Christianity."

But then a part of me is happy, happy for what reason I know not.

Oops, you thought I was doubting myself, didn't you? No, that happiness stems from my free will, my ability to question and not be repressed, my ability to go visit atheist web sites and read The God Delusion without fear of your great army stabbing me through with a bayonet, saying a little prayer, sprinkling holy water over me, and burying me in an unmarked grave so the detritus feeders will erase your image from the moment.

No, I don't even know why I'm scared of you. I know it's not because you're all-knowing and have the power to smite me at any moment. It's more because I know the terrible power you hold over so many people, people with whom I feel such a sense of brotherhood I feel my heart twinge. It's because I remember the time in my life when I was afraid that without praising you I would spend my life after death in a place of eternal torture.

"But he loves us."

People of the world who agree with me, raise your middle fingers to the skies in a gesture of solidarity with those who see the one and only reality that is present before us without self-induced diversions. Together we're strong. We're pretty damn intelligent. We're free-spirited. We are united in our determinations not to return to a former state of servitude nor to see others in that state.

Screw you, Yahweh. In your name I hate.

The truth will set us free.