Sitting at the corner of your street,

Staring into the dark.

Why would you do this to me?

Leave me all alone and force me to

Listen to the fading heartbeats of

Our broken lives.

It's not fair.

I hate you for it.

Taking the easy way out.

You're such a coward.

Scraping my knuckles

Against the rugged pavement,

Reminds me of the pain

Suffered between our fading lights.

Common courtesy may have helped,

But we both lacked it.

I'll show you my pain

If you show me yours.

Yet, you never did and now it's stuck

Separating our feelings

Just take one more,

It might help.

Make the pain go away,

It could be fun.
Will they miss us if we were gone together?

One pain is bad enough for most

So maybe two will cancel the other one out.

Simple algebra to solve a complicated problem.

It's simple.

So why am I still sitting here alone on the

Blackened corner of your street alone?


I doubt that you understand what this whole thing is about. It's okay, I wasn't expecting you to.