This is the slightly edited version of the story.

Two Sides of the Same Sword

-There are two sides to every sword. Take, for example, a sabre. One side of the blade is dull, the other is sharp.-

Upon entering the house, the boy closed the door and locked it behind him. He slowly shifted from room to room, his footsteps creaking over the wooden floors. He started humming softly which brought him to a familiar tune. The boy, for he was indeed only a student in high school, began to softly sing words that he made up in his head to match the well known lullaby.

"Hush little girly don't say a word, daddy's gonna buy you a mockingbird…"

His footsteps drew towards the first room as he searched it, finding nothing. His hands combed through the many t-shirts hanging neatly in the closet. Behind furniture and under beds he searched fruitlessly, knowing he was certain to find her eventually.

"And if that mockingbird won't sing, daddy's gonna buy you a diamond ring…"

The boy's footfalls continued to grow louder. She could hear her own heart beating, blood pulsating, pounding loudly in her eardrums.

"And if that diamond ring's too loose, daddy's gonna buy you a hanging noose…"

Her breathing came in large gulps. Her intake was shaky and uneven. Sweat trickled down her shirt and from her neck. She heard the sound of an edge, like a knife edge, hitting the ground and being dragged unceremoniously across a wooden floor.

"And if that noose won't fit quite right, daddy's gonna buy you a carving knife…"

She listened in near silence as the creaking floorboards stopped temporarily. The moment of silence was suffocating. She stopped breathing for a moment, believing him to have discovered her poor hiding spot.

"And if that carving knife's not sharp, daddy's gonna buy you a bleeding heart…"

The creaking continued with a follow up sound of his voice. He started to follow up the recent verse but never quite finished it.

"And if that bloody heart won't beat…" Her blood froze. In that second she knew he was in the room. She could hear him pacing through the entirety of the last room, the only one he hadn't checked yet.

Finally, the closet door opened to reveal the wretched girl. Her face was soggy with tears. Her eyes were red and she was curled on the closet floor in a tight ball. He looked down on her and bent down to pull her up slowly. She reluctantly obliged, not sure she had much of a choice.

She was incapable of screaming, only too aware of what was about to happen. When she looked down at her torso, she saw what she had been waiting for. A sword hilt protruded from her midsection, turning a deep crimson. The sword slipped from his grip and landed at an angle from the floor, unceremoniously propping her body up against it.

The boy's cold expression turned to one of pure horror at what he had just done. He knew his murderous side was cold and knew that now he would be responsible for his girlfriend's murder. He carefully rolled her body onto the side and gently pulled the blade from her stomach. In a matter of seconds his body collapsed and his left hand along with his chest were pierced through and soaked with blood.

If you didn't catch it, the guy is supposed to be schizophrenic. It's weird, I'm sure. I was thinking of Mockingbird, schizophrenic detectives, and someone I know of at the time. I just jumbled them all into one and this became existent.