As I sought divine advice

for a truly trivial pursuit,

two words were given unto me:

"Control yourself."

Immediately the initial search

was abandoned (or ignored)

as I thought how truly profound

this simple command could be.

Emphasis on the former word

denotes an action preferential

to any other given choice, while

the latter places import on

the limitation of one's own being

alone, without impeding another.

How true, how true –

Control yields a sense of power,

and what power could surpass,

in our own eyes, one's own life?

Mistakes of men are made

by seeking domination of others,

be them men, or beasts, or such

grand conjured deities of God or Nature;

in controlling these, many or few,

they avoid control of their very selves,

losing enlightenment to clouded sight.

We must worry ourselves not

over the thoughts and deeds of all the world,

but rather concern our minds

with pursuits of moderation,

and seek not to harm or interfere

with others along their own paths.

TMK 1.24.2007