head in the clouds and clouds in the head:

day-dreaming, dreaming of the day

when you can run, when none can rue

the decisions made; a paid position

with unnecessary experiences, a variance of accessory

for criminal partners within carnal perimeters.

mathematically uneasy, measly unethical

treatment of disease – a demented tease

from cruel divinity; a vicinity of drool

and blistered ignorance, no bigot interred

for straight-faced lies; fate-laced tries

and noble attempts, empty bowls

for faceless vagrants; fragrant valiants

that girls, sweeping – swept – surely, weeping, get;

fairy tales, when tarry fails,

reward the genteel; the region leeward

faces the wind with wishes feigned

of love unhindered, but enough lingered

of past regrets with greasy rats;

some make a shell that none can shake or melt,

save for one; the sun wavered

in sky aloft as light scoffed

at trivial earth; rivals, turf

turned aside and earned two sides:

morning, eve; ever meaning:

death renews nether dues,

soil can tame toil the same,

life from nothing; the loving knife

of laconic fate blessed to blatantly confess:

no lies of hope will open eyes

of weary disbelief, or dissuade to relief

sinners content as contenders sent

to be saviors in hell, while behavior sells

sinful ideals in full detail

to the lonely and lusty who steal only

admiring glances – glimmering advances

of true falsity; full atrocity

of a world our own as we whirl down

to depths black: as daft beck

from leaders poor who peddle lore

of nailed victory and fickle knavery

to inspire fear, the spear firing

into many hearts – as any martyr

relies on glory (or really in guise

of humble praise), if the rumble pays

for ice and flash; but ash and flies

remain after, ferment in rain

of severed rage, for ages ever.

TMK 1.25-26.2007