Two by Fours

By Ashley Allison

A father looks down at his joy

And grasps her with rough hands

Made from hard work and saw dust

She breathes in the scent

Of freshly cut wood and lacquer

Burying her nose into his dirty shirt

She skips off, looking for another adventure

That contains a hammer

And a rusty bucket of nails

Today she will make a boat

Out of the holey two by fours

Wooden shingles too

The man looks with bright eyes

Watching new holes

Dig into the old wood

Seeing his daughters imagination

Come to life through

Her creation

Wind fills the belling of the sail

A flipping blue tarp tied with some

Good old duct tape

The sky a tinged orange pink

Tells the father it is time

To show his daughter the way inside

While he sits up that night

Slowly pulling each nail

From it's not so secure place

Folding the tarp and stacking

Each piece of wood

Which played part to a young

Girl's fantasy

And sets down the miniature hammer

Waiting for tomorrow