We're brought into this world

Dipped into the stream of life

Heavensent, oh colors swirl

Innocently dying, die

We are the children

Lost in time

The disciples of Eden

In our own minds

Believe in nothing

We are insane

Believe in nothing

Rot your brain

Wannabe heroes in

A world of sin

Don't you forget

No, no, no

Don't you forget

Sell your soul

to the highest cause

Sell your soul

and the road goes on

We are lost

Lost, we are found

Never again our thoughts

On these we're bound

To further a loss

Win, we never

Thin lines of

Deceit, lies, clever

manipulations of thought

I die, you die

but we live, live

Inside, inside

Deny your mind

pleasures that it holds

Deny your mind

Heat, embrace the cold

winds that blow

Rains that fall

upon our faces

soft kisses call

from the sky, races

down in torrents

down the drain

we are children

That are lost in time

You see me see you and

I see you see me in my mind

Listen up!

Shut up!

We will drown the rats

We will

Become like mice in traps