Chapter 1

First Day of School

It was the first day of my junior year in high school and for once, in a long time, I wasn't looking forward to school. It all started on the day when I picked my schedule up. Once I received my schedule I meant everyone outside the school building, ready to compare our schedules together. To my dismay, my schedule was different from all my friends. Compare to theirs, my schedule was different, with almost no classes with anyone I knew although we all took the same classes. If it was as if life was playing another cruel trick on me.

When I woke up to get ready for school, the typical Washington weather seem to be mirroring my mood. I looked outside my window to see grey clouds and the sound of the rain. Not enough for an umbrella, but enough to give you a bad hair day. I took my time getting ready for school before I hop in my car and drove off to the unwelcome first day of school.

At school, I park my car in the junior parking lot. Grabbing my backpack from the passenger seat, I head towards the cafeteria to say good morning to everyone before first period started. As I walk into the main entrance, I am reminded of my first day of school freshmen year. If almost feels as if I was repeating that year all over, but this my surroundings didn't feel surreal like it did in the past.

I walked over to our usual spot. Lilly spotted me immediately and shouted, "Happy first day of school, Caroline!"

I smile at her and shout back. "Happy first day of junior year!"

Ben smiled. "One more year then we will be the top dogs of the campus and we will be eating fish stew everyday."

Everyone laughed. "Not that we don't anyways. They keep looking younger every year," commented Michael before turning his attention to me. "What's you first period Caroline?"

I took out my schedule and look at even though I already had it memorize. "U.S. History with McArthur."

Michael's face fell. "Not cool. We all have pre-cal with Colby."

Sarah leaned over and looked at my schedule. "We can't even walk to class together, we're in opposite directions."

Ben patted me on the back. "Oh man, Caroline. I forgot how bad your schedule was."

I shrugged my shoulders. "The school must have something against me."

We continued to chat until the first bell rang. I said my goodbyes to everyone's and headed off towards my first class of the day, alone. By the time I made it to class, most of the seats had already been taken. I took the closes empty seat I saw, which happened to be towards the back of the room, far from the door. As I walked to my seat, I look around the room trying to see if I knew anyone. I saw some familiar faces that I had past classes with before, but none of them were people I was on talkative terms. "Great," I thought, "Not one person to talk to or even asked help from." That it bothered me that much. I already had a habit of relying on myself and being quiet.

After I took my seat, I looked around the classroom again, when I saw him. He was sitting not to far from me talking to the people around him. I only knew his name was Austin and he was a friend with all my friends and very good friends with Lilly, they knew each other their whole lives. I've never actually talked to him before. Every time he was around one of my friends, I always hung back, not wanting to interrupt and unsure what to I should say if I did. I wasn't sure if he knew who I was since it didn't seem like he noticed me nor had we had class together, until now.

The first day of school was the same first day of school since I started school. It was the same thing for every class and every teacher. We went over the guidelines, rules; etcetera. It hadn't change once since the beginning of time. Then our so call 'homework' is take home some paper and get it sign by our parents after they read it. A pointless ritual that caused so many parents to get in the habit of signing things for their kids without a second glance. So, the whole morning was boring until lunch.

It took me a while to find where Lilly was sitting at lunch. My classroom was far from the cafeteria compared to most, so by the time I got there, it was already fill with people. I walked from table to table looking for Lilly until I spotted her at a corner table. With my brown bag lunch in hand, I sat down next to her.

A huge grin spread across Lilly's face, "It was about time you got here. I though maybe you got lost on your way tot the cafeteria just like a cute little freshmen," she giggled.

"Ha, ha, ha. Very funny. It just so happens, I'm at the very end of the building. It's almost a hick to get to the cafeteria." I opened my paper bag and took out my food. "I don't even know why I bother to come to the first day of school, it's a waste of time." I took a bite out of my peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Simple, easy, and delicious.

"It's an easy day, that's why." She hit her shoulder against my gently, "And you get to see me, which makes it worth it."

I smiled. "Yeap, totally worth it."

After lunch, my school day just repeated it self from one class to another. Nothing exciting or terrible happen. Just the same old, same old, until the last period of the day. This time, I was the first one to arrive to class and the choice of sitting where ever I wanted. I took seat close to the window, my favorite spot in a classroom. When a teacher's lecture seemed to drag on and on forever, I would stare out the window and enjoy the nice view. It brought back memories of when I was kid and I would run around the neighborhood playing tag with the neighborhood kids. It always gave me a sudden urge to go play some tag or hide and go seek in the dark.

When the bell rang, everyone was seat and the teacher was at the while board writing stuff down. From the back, he looked young and somewhat familiar. His hand writing also looked vaguely familiar. Then he turned around to face the class and I knew who he was. I snapped my head down and stared at my desk, hoping he wouldn't see me. I wanted grab something out of my backpack to occupied myself with, but it felt like everyone was staring at me even though I knew that in reality that probably no one was even looking at me. Instead, I stared at my hands on my desk, pretending to examine my nails.

I listened as the teacher called off names, waiting for him to reach him. When he reached my name, he paused for a second, and I knew everything was over. "Caroline! What a surprise to have you in my class." Now I knew everyone was looking over at me and I felt my face turn red at the unnecessary attention. I heard footsteps coming my way as I lifted my head to face him. "It's a small world isn't it? I had no idea you had moved here." I was now face to face with my cousin Connor.

I tired my best to smile. "Yeah, it's been a few years," I couldn't but wondering if the world was truly small or if it was just me.