Angels in Babylon-A Story

Author's Note: Using Angel in front of a name is like a title for someone. Anybody younger than 1800 (Angel year's equivalent to 100 human years) years don't need the title. They, however, must say Angel to their elders.

Babylon is split into different kingdoms:

Angelique-Home to the highest power of angels (celestials) and the high society ranked.

Sulva- Home to all general types of angels.

Azrin-Home to dark angels and low society ranked angels.

Ophania glanced around and saw her dear husband Soranphus sitting opposite of him. He was looking at a piece of paper, his face covered by a mask so only his mouth shown. He uttered no words. It must be bad or Soranphus would've said something right now.

"What is it?" Ophania asked quietly, cluttering her wings. The celestials could sense the emotion coming out from just a piece of paper.

"Rally-Forth," Soranphus muttered looking grave. Ophania bit her lip to keep her self from crying. Rally Forth was a terrible motion that messed with one angel's inner thoughts. It literally ate your mind and it was a horrible way to die. All angels were mentally unstable.

"Who-Who was it?" She regained her composure. She feared it was not anybody close or-

"It was Angel Castor," Soranphus said softly. "And it was Angel Annalessa, too." Castor and his cousin, it seemed.

Ophania nearly lost it.

Angel Castor had a younger brother, Michelangelo (Angelo), who was only ten. He needs not to know his brother's death. He was an orphan with no other. He only had his friends at Angel Reunion House of Guardians (ARHH) and that was all.

"Darling, I'm so sorry." He consoled.

"Who did it?"

There was a silence. Soranphus stood up. He looked at his wife and at the piece of paper again. His face pondered for the answer.

"I don't know, Ophania." He answered. "I don't know." He got up and left the room not saying anything. Ophania knelt down and picked up the fallen piece of paper. There was a saying scribbled on.

Only his love for her could save them both…

'What could this mean?' She followed her husband out wondering why in the world somebody would write that in their last moments. There was always a peace somewhere.

Angelo was on the ground, playing with his Wooden Soldiers at ARHH.He had brown hair, baby blue eyes, and a glow to his personality. He was 800 (8) and cheerful, not suspecting a thing about his brother.

Ryder sat opposite of him looking at him gently. He had dirty blonde hair, hazel eyes, and always had a smile. He was three hundred years older but he enjoyed playing with everybody else nonetheless.

Zelda giggled and put the wooden princess beside Angelo's troop. She was the same age (800) with dark brown hair, chocolate brown eyes, and talkative personality. She had been friends with him since they were born and didn't care about their gender. When she's of age (2100), she could be a boy for all they care.

Angel Aerostrom, Ophania's most loyal warrior, went into the play room where the kids sat. Angel Olympia, a Stork Angel (An angel who takes care of babies and delivers newborns), looked up and gave a warm smile. She was looking after the kids like she usually did. Aerostrom didn't return the smile and walked directly toward Angelo. It wasn't because he was being mean, but the news he had to deliver was very grave.

"Angel Aerostrom, what is the meaning of this?!" Olympia demanded, stretching an arm to 'protect' Angelo. Aerostrom shook his head.

"It's orders of Ophania, dear." He said. "I must tell Angelo now." He turned to Angelo and knelt down to his level. Angelo turned his head so he can see him.

"Aerostrom!" He squeaked. Aerostrom did the best to smile at him.

"Angelo, I have some news to tell you…"He began. Zelda giggled again.

"Oh boy, the humans went extrinct!" She cried excitedly. Aerostrom snorted. As much as it would've been a delight, the Babylonians wouldn't give up without a fight.

"No, Zelda, not now." He turned to Angelo. "I'm really sorry, Angelo, but…" He looked away and trailed off.

"What's wrong, Angel Aerostrom?" Angelo asked, worried about his friend. Aerostrom looked at him, his face chalk white.

"Castor…"He said before trailing off again. It was very hard to tell somebody that a family member died.

"What's wrong with Castor?" Angelo's eyes began to tear up. It made things really hard now.

"…He's dead, Angelo. He's not coming back." He barely got the last sentence out before Angelo gave out a cry.

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