Author's Note: Ryder has glasses by the way.

"You're lying!" Angelo said, sobbing as Olympia strolled over there and held his head. Ryder paled.

"How'd he die?" He questioned.

Aerostrom paused for a moment, thinking about how he should say it to such a young, brilliant angel like Ryder.

"He, uh, died from a fire." He cursed himself for stuttering. Now Ryder could tell he was lying.

Ryder's expression changed and for a split second, he looked suspicious. Then it changed into a sympathetic one.


Angelo refused to look at Aerostrom or even let him finish another sentence. Olympia suggested he leave and soon. Aerostrom left without another word, just a somber glance at the sobbing Angelo.

"He was all I had." Angelo said quietly when he calmed down. "I have nobody."

Olympia took him to bed early and insisted the other angel children do the same. Zelda and Ryder, however, stayed awake secretly, whispering amongst themselves.

"They said Castor was in a great battle," Zelda whispered. She glanced at the sleeping Angelo before continuing. "They said the bad guy lit his sword and he died from one strike to the wing."

"I don't know, Z." Ryder whispered back. He too looked at Angelo as he stirred a little. "But, Zelda, did you notice how Angel Aerostrom looked a bit nervous when he was speaking to me about the death?"

"Yeah, but maybe he was too scared to tell you." She had a point there. After all, Ryder was only 1100. A brilliant 1100 one had to say.

"I guess but I feel like he didn't quite tell us everything."

"Ryder, what about Angel Annalessa-," Zelda began before a familiar voice entered the room.

"Zelda, Ryder, please go to sleep. It's going to be a long night." Olympia's voice echoed. The two angel children quickly went to sleep. They would talk more later.

In the morning, the angel children were fed a hearty breakfast. Following breakfast was their day's activities. The male angel children went to Angel Gabriel, a high ranked Lunaria Crescent Angel with a Hispanic tone, for their training to become worthy high ranked celestials. The female angel children went to Angel Mira for healing and proper etiquette. It was a special honor to be taught at ARRH as only celestial angel children and angel children of high ranks were allowed in. "Regulars" were taught in a ordinary Sulvan reunion house schools while the dark angels…well, nobody needed to know.

Angel Gabriel sat the angel children down. He glanced around and saw Angelo sulking next to Ryder. He smiled and knew about the death of his brother.

"For my demonstration," He called out. "I would like Angelo and Mort to step to the front, please." He watched as Mort, an adventurous type of angel run excitedly to the front and then watched Angelo hesitantly step up.

"Now," He instructed. "Face each other."

Mort and Angelo faced each other. Mort had a large smile on his face pumped with energy. Angelo's face was emotionless.

"We must learn to defend ourselves," Angel Gabriel continued. "I want you two to concentrate on a shield in your mind."

The two angel children closed their eyes and concentrated. Angel Gabriel quietly walked over to Mort.

"Open your eyes but keep quiet." He whispered in his ear. He turned to Angelo. "Keep concentrating really hard on that shield!"

Angelo's face was deep in thought. 'A big shield,' He thought.

"Mort, shoot a blast of energy at Angelo." Angel Gabriel said to Mort. Mort looked apprehensive.

"Angel Gabriel, won't it hurt Angelo?" He asked. The older angel shook his head. Closing his eyes, he thrust a large beam of energy at Angelo.

The other angel children gasped. Even Mort looked a little unsure as it came right at Angelo.

"Angelo, watch out!" He tried to scream but the beam struck with full force. However, something magnificent happened instead. A large invisible shield absorbed the power. Angelo opened his eyes and saw the shield and glanced at Mort.

"What's going on?" He asked, looking around. "What were you doing, Mort? Were you trying to kill me?!"

"Angel Gabriel told me to do it." Mort replied, looking down. Angelo looked at his instructor with fury. But the older angel knew better.

"Young Angelo," He spoke. "It was for defense purposes. You did exactly as I expected. That shield you thought of protected you."

The younger angel's face relaxed a little before thanking him as the class was dismissed. It had been a particularly dangerous lesson but a lesson for the future. A lesson that might've protected Castor from dying.

Zelda looked around anxiously as Angel Mira taught the basics of healing. It was unfair that the boys were trained to fight while the girls were taught to be healers and Home Angels. Finally, she then decided to speak out against Angel Mira.

"How come we can't fight?" She asked, looking directly at Angel Mira.

"Oh, no, dear, Zelda," Angel Mira said, looking at her like she was crazy. "Fighting is not what a proper angel like you should be doing!" She shook her head at her. Zelda glared at her.

"Fine, but stupid healing won't save us when it comes to fire." She said under her breath a little too loudly for the other angels to hear. They looked at her wide-eyed. Angel Mira looked a little white.

"Do not talk of this! It's not our place in society!" She said hysterically but looked unsure at the thought of fire.

"Just like those stupid humans," Zelda had enough of this. She got up and left, ignoring the look of the other angel children.

The three angel children met up at the courtyard. Zelda was in a bad mood from the lesson. Ryder and Angelo were speechless from their practical defense lesson. It would be a while before they understood the reason for their lesson.

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