Authoress' Corner: As I've said in the previous page, here is the translation. Enjoy!

Farewell, My Love


forgive me but I'm doubting

(ji de wo hai ai ni) – Remember I still love you

but I'm scared of this insecurity

as days drifts to months then years

and still wondering if you're true

(bu xing ku; bu xing liu lei) – Can't cry; can't let the tears flow


disregard me but I'm breaking

(wo de xin hen tong) – My heart is aching deeply

uncertain of which way to turn

(bao bei) – darling, I just need your love

before I've learned to let you go

(ke shi wo bu xing zhen de shuo zai jian) – But I can't really say goodbye


embrace me while I'm drifting

(wo ai ni, dan shi) – I love you, however

the sun is gradually fading

into shades of pink then grey

like the love you hold for me

(zai jian, wo de ai) – Farewell, my love