Chapter 1 – Ordinary Children

The Petetra twins seemed like completely ordinary children at first sight and in fact they were completely ordinary children except for one small flaw. You and I would not indeed deem it a flaw but in the particular time that they lived (before your grandparents were born), it was seen as a flaw by all adults. This so-called flaw was that they craved adventure and exploration. As you and I know this is not very unusual within a young child as they wish to know more about the world around them, but by the age of Joanne and Jonathon, most children had grown out of this phase but these two children had evidently not.

This, of course, did not endear grown-ups toward them but rather did the opposite and repelled them, disgusted them. Another supposed flaw within Joanne and Jonathon was that they questioned anything and everything. You may think that again this is usual for children, but normal children usually knew where to draw the line with their questioning, only just annoying their parents but not quite pushing them into a state of complete aggravation. This is where the Petetra twins' flaw became more apparent as they drove their parents into this state of aggravation so much with their questioning; it was rare to encounter them in any other state of mind.

After many years of this constant, unwavering questioning, the parents of the Petetra twins decided that enough was enough and gave the twins the whole of the third floor of their townhouse to use as an apartment of their own. Seeing them just once a week for church and dinner on Sunday, allowing them to succumb to their own devices whilst having a tutor as the only authoritative figure. Joanne and Jonathon, although on their own stable and independent, hated to be separated. This meant that they always shared a bedroom, even though there were enough rooms for one each, they insisted upon it. This is where we join the twins, as they sleep within their room one night in winter.

Jonathon awoke suddenly as a clap of thunder sounded overhead. The storm had started early that evening but was still raging, even fiercer than it once was. A flash of lightning revealed two eyes, wide with fear, gazing at him across the room. Again, thunder sounded mixing with a hysterical wailing coming from the other bed within the room. Next thing he knew, there was a streak of white hurtling toward him and the sound of bones being crushed as Joanne jumped upon him, attaching herself firmly to his waist.

"It's alright Jo, it's alright. I'm here," Jonathon cooed soothingly whilst he stroke her wavy honey-blonde hair. Her sobs were muffled against his chest, as were her words. It didn't matter that he couldn't hear her actual words, he knew what she was saying, he always did. "I know, I know. Don't worry about it!" Jonathon chuckled quietly to himself, what was he saying? This was Joanne; she always worries that's one of the things that make her Joanne. "Come on, let's clean you up a bit and get you a drink to calm you down." He hoisted her into a standing position and guided her into the bathroom down the hallway.

Joanne sat down upon the large bathroom rug. It may seem strange to most people, all people in fact, but she loved to just sit upon that rug and gaze down upon it. This was because the rug looked like a map, a map of another world, another time. Joanne had the feeling that it was the world to which she rightly belonged. It calmed her to think that there was a possibility of another world out there somewhere that would accept her as herself and not try to force her to be another person, a 'proper young lady' as her parents so often put it.

Jonathon sat down facing Joanne and held out a glass of water toward her. Joanne shakily reached for the water but once she grabbed it, her hand began shaking too badly to hold on to it so she accidentally spilt the water across the rug on which they were both sitting. Jonathon reached forward with a towel in hand to clear the water up, but the water had somehow turned to ice within the few short seconds that it had been upon the rug. The twins' gasps of astonishment were drowned out by a large whirling sound that to us would sound like a vacuum cleaner only a hundred times louder, but to them it was an other worldly sound, which was technically right but you'll find more about that later on.

The scene around the twins seemed to blur as if they were spinning extremely fast or the bathroom itself was. Joanne clutched at her stomach with one hand as if she were about to throw up, and latched onto Jonathon with the other, attempting to steady herself as she swayed violently. Jonathon knew he should be frightened, terrified even just as his sister appeared to be, but he felt the opposite. A great sensation of elation washed over him, leaving him positively glowing at the notion of adventure. Jonathon had always sought after adventure and finally he was about to embark upon one, an adventure of his own that he could tell people about one day.

The spinning ceased suddenly, making the twins collapse onto the floor. For many long minutes, the twins just lay there, on the floor, trying to regain their breath. Joanne recovered first. Slowly, she lifted her head off the cold ground and gazed around startled at the room. I say room but it was more like a cavern. The walls glistened in the eerie twilight. Joanne moved her head slightly to get a better look at the walls. As she did so she noticed something rather extraordinary. The walls appeared to be moving. Not moving as in the walls were changing position as if the cavern itself were moving, but moving as if the substance that the walls were made of was cascading downward. That's when she realised why they glistened as they did; the walls were in fact running water.

A few feet away, Jonathon began to stir. At first Joanne was startled by his groans echoing throughout the cavern making them distorted until she realised what they were.

"Jon! Jon!" Joanne called out as she rushed to his side, "Jon, are you alright? You're not hurt are you?" The worry that had momentarily left her, flooded back even greater than before. Jon groaned in response, his eyes still not open. Fear gripped at her insides as the realisation of what could have happened to Jonathon struck her. A silent tear slid down her cheek, landing upon Jonathon's limp form. A flood of tears followed the first one; she couldn't stop herself as she buried her head into his torso.

"What you trying to do? Drown me?" A faint voice asked from above Joanne's head. She looked upwards hoping against hope that she hadn't imagined the voice that had just spoken. A dashing grin met her eyes as her brother propped himself onto his elbows and glanced around the cavern. His grin slid off his face to be replaced by a frown as Jonathon concentrated on the walls.

"Are those walls moving? Or did I hit my head harder than I thought?" Jonathon questioned Joanne, still staring persistently at the walls, hoping against hope that they would stop moving.

"They are moving, don't worry," Joanne replied in a hushed whisper as she watched her brother for any signs of weakness, in case he were to collapse leaving her completely alone, leaving her trapped in her worst nightmare. Jonathon turned his gaze back to Joanne and saw the nervous look on her face.

"I'm not worried," He stated simply as he grabbed her hand and squeezed it tightly, "That's your job sis." Jonathon smiled once more before turning back to the puzzlement that was the walls.

"What are they made of? What can move like that? Flowing endlessly, silently?" Jonathon muttered more to himself than to Joanne as he stood up and walked around the cavern, careful not to touch the walls in case they were dangerous.

"Its water, I think," Joanne called out to him from her position upon the floor. She didn't want to get up until she was sure this was real and she wouldn't ruin the magical dream. A thought suddenly occurred to her, that although being in that strange cavern for over ten minutes had not arisen.

"How did we come to be here?" Joanne voiced the thought without meaning to, stopping Jonathon in his tracks. Jonathon turned toward her with a curious expression on his face.

"Whatever do you mean Jo?" He asked as he strode across the cavern to her side. "Do you not remember that old rug within the bathroom? Or the strange tunnel through which we flew?" Jonathon crouched beside her, gazing into her eyes searching them for some sign of amnesia.

"Of course I remember the rug and the tunnel type thing, although I must admit I thought I may have dreamt or imagined that, but I was wondering by what means we were transported from our bathroom to here," Joanne replied in a tone of voice not unlike that which one uses to explain to a child. Jonathon plopped down beside Joanne with a puzzled expression upon his face as if he were being asked a maths question when he hasn't done his homework.

"I honestly have no idea about that. I remember spilling that water onto the rug and then we were in that tunnel, other than that I have no clue as to what happened. Thinking of which where is here? Europe?," Jonathon's shoulders sagged as he began to realise how out of control he was in this strange place, how he could not bargain his way out or fight his way out as he did not know how they got there.

"Some how I doubt it's Europe," Joanne replied timidly.

Suddenly, the sound of footsteps echoed within the cavern.

Authors Notes

I wrote this after a strange conversation with a friend of mine. I'm sure there's a lot of mistakes etc as this isn't my normal style. Please read and review as this story will only continue if there is interest. Thanks.