Blue Meets Black


In the lands of the Lords of Fire and Water—Heat and Cold, it was night. Across the Castle Flux, the soil was very rich from the Mount Kallop, a live volcano. Also as well as the purest of springs, Lake Cole bred the healthiest village people. Since the Lords of Fire and Water roam these lands, it stays the utmost prosperous. The people praised the Lords for their blessings, had left offerings of food and gifts lay near the springs and volcano. Old folklore's told those who give offerings are protected by the great lords until their natural end. Those who harm those in protection of the Lords of Fire and Water, receive the full wraith of the powers of Fire and Water.

Thus warriors of these lands painted Wolf and Phoenix on their shields. King Flux made the coat of arms the emblem of the Lords of Fire and Water—Heat and Cold. The surcoat was half red, half blue. For Legends have it, when the Lords of Fire and Water were two brothers. At birth they were separated, already destined to be great wizards. One was taken to the School of Water. One was taken to the School of Fire. When graduated, drawn by the bond that only brothers possess. They were reunited.

But wait, there was one hidden factor that not even known to the wizards that taken them in. The one of Water had became so endowed with the element, he came to love the moon. As love for the moon grew, on a full moon, it granted him a special power. As the darkside of the moon is cold as the arctic, his water magic is mixed with ice magic. He became a werewolf. It caused to grow in strength also he heals quickly. Giving him adequate abilities to wield a lance and shield. On new moons, he rides his blue stallion. On full moons, he roams the lands as the werewolf.

Phoenix is another story, became a great Lord of Fire. So strong, the fire combined with its enemy, wind. As the two combined, Phoenix was given wings, and soon feathers and a beak. With wings, Phoenix now adopts some wind magic. He became a true Phoenix, a great bird of pure inferno. But the inferno only lasts so long and drains almost all of Phoenix's powers. For a full month, he's reduced to ash before he can return to his human form once again. On the warmest of nights, you'll find Phoenix soaring through the wind skies. On the coldest of nights, you'll find Phoenix trending the foot of volcanoes in his heavy red cloak.

But now there is something else that roams the lands of the Lords of Fire and Water. It brings vile creatures of the underworld in its wake. It thrives, feedings it's gut in the rich lands and strong wildlife, absorbing their very life force, sucking them dry. It seemed to have awakened the Lords of these lands to protect their home. The shepherd must protect his folk. If the land suffers, the Lords suffer. Over the years, Wolf and Phoenix had developed a very spiritual bond with the Kingdom of Flux. Wolf had finally tracked him down and looks to draw the vile demon from the lands.

In the wild forest, the heavy hoof of Wolf's blue stallion pounds at the dirt, sniffing at the cold magic of his master. "I order you now demon," Wolf poised his lance, "to leave these lands at once. Do not try my patience. I have been told." The blue of night glint Wolf's steel armor as his blue steed shifted to and fro. The demon smiled as he looked into Wolf's visor, only seeing two single sparkles surrounded in darkness. The demon was merely covered in a shroud of darkness. His humanly form hidden in the night.

The smile as the demon stood unmoving told Wolf he will not leave these lands.

"Give me your name, demon," Wolf demanded as he pulled on the rein to keep his blue stallion at bay. The cold air seemed to be sucked into the heavy hood of the demon. Wolf thought it stupid to exaggerate that much to draw breath to speak.

The demon growled heavily, shaking the very earth beneath the hooves of Wolf's blue steed. "Tenrai, the Prince of Darkness," the demon's voice seemed to drag in dirt as he spoke. The blue stallion jumped and screamed as it heard the voice of the demon.

Tenrai raised his right arm, a skinless arm; it was wet of thick drool dripping from its juicy muscles and fat. It drew brilliant yellow stars out of Wolf, as he sat on his saddle almost choking. The connection broke as Wolf brushed at the air with his shield. This demon knows magic, Wolf thought, he's no fool. The demon watched intently as the wizard of water disembarked from his blue steed. Strapping his lance to the horse's saddle and pulling out his warhammer out of its sheath. Lastly, fiddling through a pouch on his horse's saddle and sprinkled powder over him.

He held his warhammer in both hands, the demon laughed. "Simple spells and enchantments are useless, wizard," he hissed, his chilling voice continuing to make Wolf's horse uneasy.

"Indeed, you'll have the honour to be the first demon slain by my warhammer, Tenrai," Wolf laughed. The demon pushed his cloak over his shoulders, revealing a brilliant blue light shining through the blade of his longsword. What dark magic is this? Wolf questioned himself. He'll soon find out. Wolf leaped high into the air. His warhammer crashing down. Tenrai smiled as he took block of steel his palm.

Wolf's eyes grow wide. By the weight of the warhammer alone, it should have broken the demon's wrist! But it hadn't, Tenrai smiled sadistically. That smile was gone, as the demon's hand suddenly froze to ice. Angry, he pushed the block of steel away. His armor clanked as Wolf was forced back. Stumbling dangerously as he tried to regain his balance. Strange, that the demon didn't pursue the advantage of Wolf's stumbling. It was a perfect moment to strike a fatal blow.

The demon's attention was at his froze hand. He spent a moment examining it. Wolf had no time to waste. He began his enchantment as he spoke the spell quickly. His right arm shined a bright red. He smiled. "Can thou stop this?" He asked, catching the demon's attention easily. Wolf lifted his warhammer overhead as he swing in circles and circles, easily gathering him momentum. The warhammer circled the Lord of Fire's head like he was swinging a sack of potatoes. The demon held his smile, stepping closer towards Wolf.

What is he mad? Wolf thought. It was foolish to walk into the Lord of Fire's great warhammer with momentum even with the enhanced power of his enchantment. "If ye truly desires to return to the depths," Wolf said, "so be it, demon." And with that, Wolf delivered the mighty blow. The bones snapping echoed throughout the wild forest. The warhammer bashed the demon so precisely, receiving the full force of the blow. The Tenrai stood where he was, unshaken, his neck bent, but still held intact.

Wolf stunned at what he now saw. It was a skinless wet face, it was fresh with juicy muscles and fat. The demon was a walking skeleton with meat lingering on the bones! The left side of his head punctured. As he straightened his meaty skull, maggots squirmed out of the eyeholes, crawled across Tenrai his face to punctured area of the skull. And squeaked and squeaked as they rebuilt the left side of the skull. As it nears completion and the maggots crawl back into the eyeholes. The cheek muscles pull back, forming a sickening smile.

Wolf watched, disgusted by every second of it. "Who…what are you?" Wolf asked slowly, disturbed by the very sight of this vile demon.

Tenrai held his smile as he twirled his sword bout. "I am the Prince of Darkness," Tenrai said simply, his cooling voice continued to rattle the ground. "In the old books, my history dwells. Now if thou is concludes his turn, I shall take min." Wolf tried to think if he had read about such a demon before in the School of Fire. Brother will know, Wolf thought, for now I must summon my magic of water. Wolf blinked, and the demon was gone.

As he turned left and right, he heard growling and drooling behind him. Suddenly! Wolf flew right through a tree. His right damaged behind repair as he hurried to take it off. He gasped like a madman for air, but his lungs would allow air inside. The tree he hit began cracking as it fell. He crawled around on all four trying to get his armor off for breath. The demon laughed and watched Wolf on the ground, he was like a dog sniffing around for his precious bone.

Wolf turned away from the demon, on all four, pretending he was choking. As he chanted a spell, the vapor all around his right palm. The vapor accumulation began dripping water. His eyes looked back, hoping the demon was behind him. But he was gone! As he turned to look before him, a black cloak stood him front of him. A firm hand choked his neck as he was lifted it up, off his feet. The demon laughed.

"Wolf, brother of Phoenix, Lord of Fire," Tenrai mocked, "a mere amateur in terms of wizardry." At that moment, Wolf splashed the ball of water on the demon. Falling to ground, he quickly crawled away. He watched, as the water began to freeze, freeze the demon's entire body. Tenrai screamed and screamed in terror. Soon, he was completely frozen. Calmly, Wolf walked back to find his warhammer. Taking it in both hands, he stepped towards Tenrai's frozen statue and smashed it into a million pieces.

Wolf spat at the frozen pieces as he turned to find his frightened horse. "Indeed, you know my name," Wolf said as he stared back at the frozen pieces, "but, thou knows none of my true magic." Upon turning back, there was Tenrai as strong as ever. For stupid reasons, Wolf looked back to see if the frozen pieces still lay on the ground. They were gone. Tenrai lifted his blue longsword overhead and thrust his sword with such force. Wolf reacted flawlessly, pulling his shield before his torso. The thrust of the sword sent flying the air.

He fell flat on his stomach, gasping for once again. His face rubbing in the grass, dirt, and dead leaves. "That is enough!" He yelled out, rushing to his feet. "My final trick of the evening." The clouds turn dark and numerous. They crackled, rumbling loudly of thunder. A small opening through the clouds, through the opening of clouds shot moonlight, strong powerful moonlight. And the transformation had begun. Tenrai watched with intrigue.

Wolf tore off all his clothes and armor as his smooth skin rapidly grows thick long hair all over his body. His nose and mouth merged into a long muzzle. His teeth grew long and sharp. His ears shifted backward and growing small, pointy and hairy. His spine became long and bent, growing a tail. His chest became larger and wider. His nails grew long and razor sharp. The muscles all over his body grows stronger and larger. The transformation was complete. Tenrai marveled at such a trick. Wolf became a werewolf.

He roared so ferociously, snarling as his tongue whipped all about, throwing drool everywhere. Slashing wildly with his razor sharp claws and huge furry arms. Tenrai, pushed his right leg back, as he assumed a low guard, taking his longsword in both hands. Wolf began charging wildly on all four. Leaping high into the air, claws and jaw fully extended, aching for blood. Tenrai lunged forward, a sound of penetrated flesh as these two met. Stopping some strides away from each other backs to back.

For a moment, they stood froze until Wolf whimpered in pain. He cried as a piece of his tongue and sliced of teeth fell from his mouth. Soon, Wolf began growling angrily and turned to Tenrai already facing up. He thrashed about in rage and in pain. Swinging his claws around wildly. The demon calmly eluded, ducked, and dodged all Wolf's swings. The next swing, Tenrai timed. As it came around the corner, in mid swing. Tenrai slashed and slashed a second time.

Wolf howled in shook, staring at his paws. His razor-sharp claws slashed off. A beast deprived of all his claws and teeth. Tenrai smiled as he stabbed Wolf through the kidney. He howled deep in pain, howled very loud. Tenrai laughed at the cries of pain, enjoying it all. Thick blood now dripped from the top of Tenrai's longsword. Pulling out the sword, Tenrai smacked Wolf off his feet. A hurt whimper of dog followed the smack.

Tenrai walked over to Wolf and knelt down to his level. "I told you wizard," he recalled, "Simple spells and enchantments are useless. I am the Prince of Darkness, and you are a mere mortal." Wolf howled once more, his loudest of all. Tenrai laughed. "Go ahead, cry all you want. It'll do thou no good." Suddenly, Tenrai heard the loud screech of a great bird. He looked to the sky.

There in the dark clouds flew a magical bird, the great fiery bird, and Wolf's brother, Phoenix. Out through his beak, he spat dozens of molten balls of fire! As they fell, burning a trail of smoke in their wake. Crushing to the ground, burning through the moist grass, dirt, and dead leaves causing a heavy smoke cloud. As it cleared, Tenrai watched Phoenix fly Wolf out of harm's way.