Frozen Rain

Upon your headstone lie my tears.

A symbol of your wasted years.

And as the preacher, preaches on,

His words confirm, that your gone.


Frozen Rain, from my eyes,

Sweeten the cold, November skies.

Upon everything I see your face,

And I fell no comfort in deaths embrace.

I'm holding on, to your voice,

Lost in your fatal choice.

And I feel you tumbling, into hell now,

But still I wonder why, still I wonder how,

You're gone...

(end chorus)

The cold is numbing, can't feel my hands,

Why did you give in-to deaths demand?

You condemned more, than just your soul,

Now your body's all I have to hold...


Crystalline droplets..Freeze on my cheeks

With every drop I'm feeling so weak...

I break down and fall to the earth

I can't stand the pain, can't stand the hurt...


Lying in the snow

Now maybe you know

As my tears fuse with the ground

Can't you see you've let me down

...My frozen Rain...