so. again.
again the sun rises
above me, alone as hell
and lost in sand.
it is empty here, where time just.
some slow hot wind
goes slowly by.

God. just let it
end. once,
there was a time when time
crawled not;
when a heartbeat
took a heartbeat,
not a thousand years.

your levin smiles, skipped classes in ice-rain
and our slow, afterschool kisses, starlit streetlight
kisses up against the night dark walls.
and of course, the slight way
you talked of forever with me.
no one could catch us, headlong in our
sidewild romance—laughter torrents flight!

all so oh-so-seven-years-ago,
or six? was it nine? five. time together slips.
Life. a still haze and backsliding tears
wind. days. nights. sand. years.
within this hourglass desert, i,
like time,
this adolescent, his static eyes;
he slowly lives.
and slowly dies.