---What If:.

What if the birds sang all day

A beautiful song composed of fresh trills and embellishments

Sweet lullabies singing no wonder there's sugar in a butterfly's dreams

What if the roses blossomed a luxurious scarlet hue

And their petals were dainty and soft with crimson tones

Glimmering even in the midnight moonlight

What if showers of flawless snowflakes sprinkled from the eternal sky

And one could taste their ethereal touch

A small happiness in the world meaning everything, yet nothing to a bountiful individual

What if all the pure gold in the landscape

Morphed into melted pools of liquid bronze

All the poor drank and became powerful as the talcum powder on the chalkboard wall

What if the tablecloth underneath was silver

Reflecting off adjacent mirrors that shine identical but separate images

Memoirs are remembered and sweetened with golden honey

What if the Golden Age had lasted an eternity

The stone streets all bustling with excitement and rich coins

Silver towers rising high with their polished surfaces glinting sharply

What if every word was written down with a pen filled with black ink

Scripted upon smooth obsidian and weathered bark

Qué? Sí. Quoi? Oui. What? Yes.

What if one king ruled the planetary world

High crowns and rare jewels that glitter and dazzle in the faintest light

A staff brought down to be forced into the raw soil

What if no one knew the dangers of driving fast

Blood spills and stains the tanned concrete

Invisible yet shining with unmatchable clearness

What if the sun was too hot, unbearably different

Greens wouldn't be that green anymore

Even evergreens would burn a brown never-green

What if I loved you

Valentine's Day would be celebrated with more hearts and chocolate

The definition of love would be simply me and you

What if, it was all true?

Really, just what if.

I'd just hold you closer and squeeze you tight so at least we stay together.

We'd listen to the variety of songs sung by the birds

We'd dream of butterflies and artificial sugar

We'd watch with awe as roses blossom red

We'd laugh and open our mouths just to experience a wintry solstice of snowflakes

We'd drink the pools of liquid bronze and become the chalk to teach

We'd admire how our reflections look so good together in the mirrors

We'd scream with delight and point at the beautiful displays exposed in the market stalls

We'd write down endless stories on the surfaces just to preserve our secret fame forever

We'd rule the world and give a gift of joy and love to those of need

We'd drive so fast just to feel the innocent thrill of fatality

We'd splash in the warm waters near the infinite grains of sand

We'd paint the dulled and dead greens with a new color of life

We'd sample expensive chocolates under an umbrella of rainbows and ponies

We'd love under a single heart

What if we all did.

What if all that love became hate

Well, let's be optimistic.