Flakes of snow are falling down and

I'm not sure if I should wear this gown

He's waiting for me at the door

Smiling in that suit bought from town

I'm shivering now

Someone please hold me close

Give me a tissue so I can wipe my nose

Tears are frozen and I need a warmth dose

We're online and all he says is 'Lols'

Maybe I'm just blind

But I can't seem to escape from this bind

That holds me so tight I can't shine

Out my beauty that demands to be refined

My foot is crossing the line

Pass the boundaries we could only dine on

I'm pretty much sure

I can do so much more

It's him that's keeping me back

Causing me undeniable lack

Seems like I'm living in a poor shack


I love you and I can't say much

Unbearable when we can't even touch

Torture when we can't share our chocolaty fudge

I'll go crazy if you leave me be

Forever, no I need to see

Why you can't realize you're just my gambling dice

A parasite of infinite lice

No, leave me alone

I want to be on my own

Are you still waiting

For me to stop hating

Well maybe you should leave already

I'm well done and no more

It's been shitty in the core of my heart

Lately acting like a stupid old whore

Who's been pierced with a fatal dart

You want my definition

I'll say you're a contradiction

Not understanding

Just incorrectly ranting

Sorry but I've moved on

Apologies if you haven't yet gone

My eyes are blackened with fire

Its all lies from a distinguished liar

Paranoid's all that's left

Guilt's in the right and crash goes my life

Winds are blowing and carrying the dead

Spirits of asunder under the new master Head

It's so tempting even though its nearly half-empty

I'm trying to hold on but he's in control

Too bad he says I can't show my power

It'll consume the world and

So it's classified as a serious danger

Confined to the cages of dark and fear

Never unleashed so supposedly we're all safe and here

But let me tell you one thing my opposing dear

Denial's clear here

Narrowing eyes with a sneer

Add an addition of leers and jeers

All's mirrored with indifferent stares

Somehow it's colder now

The usual sun is long gone and

At dawn my screams are filled with painful 'ow's

My life's guarded so I don't feel discarded

It's all a complicated complication

Burning with humiliated humiliation and

Discriminated discrimination

But let me tell you one thing my opposing dear

My inaccurate seer, my never loving lover

Good-Bye for now, I'll

See you later.


A/N: Ahh...a nice lil' poem. I wanted to try my rhyming skills, lol...so it came out like this o.o I'm rather pleased with the result :)

HCOLJTSG-BITE stands for: Hateful Consequences of Loving Just to Say Good-Bye in the End.