I had no story to put this in, but I wanted to put it up. It's supposed to be a song, and who knows, maybe I'll eventually write a story for it...


I've seen you standing,

Alone by the sea,

Silently staring and wondering what could be,

A broken sand castle of memories


And I ask of you, 'what do you see?'

But all you say, is 'a broken dream,'

And I ask of you this, 'why has your dream died?'

And you turn to me and say, 'it fell from the sky'


And I can't stand,

Watching you fall,

And I'll never,



Watch you crumble before my eyes,

Pouring your life's essence onto the white sand,

Holding out in the hopes of a rescue,

By the one you dream of,

By the one you love,

By the one who doesn't even know you exist


I'm standing here,

Watching you fall,

And I'll never,

Be able to understand


And I'm standing here,

Frozen to the cold sand,

Unable to move so weighted down by my fear for you,

Screaming for you,

Voice a broken whisper,

But do you even notice I'm here?


You turned to me, a tear in your eye,

Lips moving to a parody, a long broken lie,

And as I kneel down, taking your hand,

You whisper to me, and don't even realize…


'If I fall will you lift me again,

And if I fall, will you even hold my hand?

Bring me back to myself,

And let me hold on to you,

Let me just hold on to you,

Just let me hold on…'


Don't even realize…

Who I am


And I can't stand,

Watching you stall,

How will I ever,

Catch you when you fall?


You dream of that one, the only one,

But what of those you leave behind?

I'm standing here,

Holding out my hand,

Praying you will find,

Something of worth this life,

Because if it all ends before your time,

How ever will you know,

How ever will you find,

The one of your dreams,

Standing right before your eyes,

Begging you to take my hand?


I saw you standing there,

Alone by the sea,

And I wonder,

Will you ever see me?

'Cause I standing here, reaching out my hand,

Hoping you will realize,

Praying you will recognize,

All that I could ever give,

All that I would always give,

Holding out my hand to you,

Waiting for you


Just take my hand,

Take my hand and smile,

Know me as I am,

Only as I am,

And yes, I will,

I always will,

Catch you when you fall