And here is the third of the 'Fallen's. Personally I like the first one best, but they are just so persistant...

From Above:


I found you so long ago,

Sitting alone,

Sitting so quietly among the cold stones,

But how will I speak to you if you don't see,

If I could mean to you,

As you mean to me?


I see clearly above a world so alone,

Upon the sands reaching for something unknown,

Why do you beg for what could never be?

I ask of you now, 'What do you see?'

But how would you answer when all you would see,

Is a landscape of broken, dead memories?


You fell from so high above,

You fell away from me,

And I must wonder why,

Why couldn't we be?

But all you would say is, 'You could not believe',

But how could you know when you don't believe in me?


Once upon a time there was a child so alone,

Forgotten in a world where there was nothing to hold,

But one day so far away there was another come to see,

Discovering a dream upon a seemingly endless sea


'I have no dreams,' the child did say,

And so did the other almost walk away,

But then there was a whisper, spoken to the sand,

'If only I could find one to relieve all my pain'


I found you once so long ago,

But then you did forget,

But now I've found you once again,

And I wonder, could this be the end?


Why would you believe in what doesn't exist,

When everything around you is that which you miss?

I see you quietly sitting among the stones,

Wondering to yourself why you're always so alone,

These days do go by and yet never you see,

Emptiness bathing you ever so mockingly,

And I stand here and wonder if you would look up,

What would you see beyond that which you can only imagine,

Made from those stones you so revere for luck


So just tell me,

What would you have me do?

Just tell me,

If there's anything I could do to save you,

A simple word or a single desire,

Anything at all if only to give yourself a fire,

Flames burning oh so bright,

If only to guide you through the long night


So once more will I have to wonder,

Why can you not see,

Why, I beg, will you not believe in me?

Why should it matter if I cannot be your dream,

Why would you care if I could never be your fantasy,

When all that should matter is that which is inside

Where all that life gives only within does reside?


So I'll ask you this one question,

While inside I'll hold my own,

My secrets held before your eyes,

My secrets stirring so deep inside


So just answer me this, 'Why can you not see?

How do you tell me that I cannot believe,

When you are the one so far lost at sea?'