A/N: Hey. Redid this like some of the other ones. I definitely have musical ideas for this song. I want opening with a whole fast violin deal, and eventually the guitar will join in and the combination would be just divine. As the song winds down and then picks up again the guitar and violin gradually slow down. I wish I knew notes and shit so I could find what I hear in my head, but I don't, so you'll have to use your imagination. Enjoy!

Concerto To Inferno

Welcome to this tainted something!!
Another waste of life!!
Say hello to constant hurting!!
Blood on the edge of the knife!!
So sweet, nothing.

Hell on earth!!
I'm giving up...
On and on it burns!!

And please enjoy the useless greeting!!
Contained inside my head!!
Novacaine don't kill the feeling!!
It shreds my soul instead!!
Ode to nothing...

Lost inside!!
So ignored...
And still can't hide!!

Yesterday still brings the sorrow...
Today I'd like to die!!
Stinking furnace of tomorrow!!
Brings forth a new fucking lie!!

Scream... Symphony!!
Violins of fire!!
Will play no more...
Our heroes are all liars!!
Who kill behind closed doors!
And we're the psychos...
For the hope we've lost!
This is our concerto!
Of flames and frost!!
Our inferno...