Cries fill my head
Streams of endless tears
Caused by endless jeers

The voices won't leave my head

Tortures of the mind
Leaving me walking blind

Why won't they leave me alone?

I stumble and I fall
You laugh and then applaud

Why do they torture me so?

I'm confused by this abuse
I'm warped from overuse

Is this why I am here?

I cower in my fear
Flinching from their evil sneers

Please leave me alone..

My heart begins to pound
I've lost my mind, no longer sound

I don't hear you anymore..

My bodies growing cold
I've lost it all; you've lost your hold

I can't see you anymore..

I smile through my tears
I'm free now, so many years

You can't control me anymore..


A/N: umm, I watched this movie about a girl with multiple personalities and I came up with this lil' poem of mine. (Psst* I'm weird remember)