There she was. Little miss perfect, the most popular girl in Dynasty high school, probably in all of Dynasty town to be completely honest. That girl, the one that she despised so much, was called Chloe. Chloe was loved by everyone in the high school, all the girls adored her and all the guys wanted her. Ashley took in the full view of Chloe lounging by the fountain, surrounded by her many admirers, and shuddered. How could they be so different? Ashley and Chloe were sisters, identical twins even, yet you wouldn't guess it by just looking at them.

When they were younger, they had both always looked exactly the same, but they had always acted different. Now that they were older, they had made their looks match their personalities and it made quite and impact. Naturally, their hair was blonde. It wasn't an exact 'air-head' blonde but it was blonde enough to put them in the category. In fact their hair wasn't an exact colour, it was a mixture of blonde, auburn and brown, the result of which made their hair look like spun gold. Chloe had kept her hair its natural colour and allowed it to fall in ringlets around her angelic face, whereas Ashley had dyed her hair jet black in an attempt to distinguish herself from her sister. The black hair looked so severe against her pale skin, which was a mark that she rarely saw sunlight, that she was in more danger of being mistaken for a ghost than for her twin sister.

Ashley had turned into somewhat of a gothic person as the years had progressed, yet Chloe had been the opposite. Chloe may not have been the head cheerleader, which many people expected her to be, but she captured people's attention and held it. She seemed to have a strange power over others. There was something in her girlish charm and witty remarks which made her a figure head of the school. Ashley glared once more at her twin before stalking through the front doors and into the gloom of the school hallway.

Chloe glanced casually over at the school's front entrance and saw a glimpse of her sister disappear into it. She frowned as she stared at the place where Ashley's back had vanished. Chloe liked her sister, she truly did, but she didn't see why Ashley had to be so … serious. It's not that Chloe wasn't serious, she was when she had to be but she knew how to have fun and enjoy herself, whereas Ashley didn't seem to at all. The only time Chloe had ever seen a hint of a smile from her twin was when she was drawing. All the thoughts about Ashley running through Chloe's head flew away when a pair of muscular arms encircled her waist.

"Hi baby, did you miss me?" A deep voice growled in her ear.

"Oh yeah honey," Chloe replied without turning around.

"Did you really?" The voice growled, seeming quite surprised at her answer.

"Why wou-" Chloe stopped mid-sentence. She had turned around and not found Brad, her boyfriend, but Jack, the sleaziest guy in the entire school.

"Jack you wish! The only thing I miss about you is your absence," She smirked at him as she walked over to her best friend who had just arrived.

"What was that with you and Jack?" Heather asked as Chloe joined her on the grass.

"It's Jack, what do you think," Chloe rolled her eyes in a 'don't even get me started' way, "Can we get off the subject of that creep? I mean we have more important things to discuss! Did you hear Shelz is having a pool party this weekend?" It wasn't that Chloe's life consisted only of partying, and that was the only important thing. She just wanted to get away from the idea of Jack, she had noticed the look he had given her as she walked away and she didn't like it one bit. His normally twinkling chocolate brown eyes had seemed cold and calculating, as if his evil side was showing through, a side Chloe hadn't thought he had.

"I heard about it but you know her parties are always lame. She always lets the freaks come, she has to be good natured," Heather rolled her eyes at the thought that Shelz was a genuinely nice person. Chloe frowned at her best friend, she may not have liked group C but did she really have to call them freaks? Personally, she quite liked group C, they thought differently to group A, they were quirky.

"Don't call them freaks. You like Jess and she is totally group C," Reasoning had never been Heather's strong suit which she proved now by grimacing.

"You think Jess is group C? Seriously? I thought she had moved up to group B!" Another thing about Heather was she got confused far too easily. She had helped to devise the group system yet she didn't understand it.

"Jess still hangs around with a few people from group D so she can't move up to group B," Chloe explained simply, "Anyway, can we not get onto the whole group thing? It's annoying explaining it to you everyday. Everyone else gets it and sticks to the rules."

Chloe stalked off to the girls toilets, leaving Heather glowering at her.

He glanced around the high school courtyard. It looked ordinary enough, but something didn't feel it right. It's probably first day nerves he told himself. Chris had moved to the small town of Dynasty last week but it was his first day at his new high school, so far it didn't look so good. For him, it was too bland. He liked colour, he liked excitement, and he liked everything to be original. This high school was just too normal. There were the jocks and the cheerleaders flirting with each other by the fountain, the Goths were sitting on the grass in the shade of a large oak tree discussing human torture or some other ridiculous idea, he could see the geeks through the library window studying hard. Same old, same old.

Chris started his way toward the school building, scanning his new fellow students as he went, knowing that they were just the same as the old ones. He stopped dead in his tracks. There in front of him, just passing through the school doors, was not an ordinary person. The person in front of him was stunningly beautiful. Her hair gleamed like a ready made halo, her skin looked pale and fragile like tissue paper. Chris could only think of what it would feel like to touch, to love. He shook his head to clear his mind. This was going to be one long day.