Just to let you guys know, this is a historical fiction, which I really love! I'm fascinated with the Holocaust, although it is a very depressing topic. Anyway, I hope everyone enjoys this chappie! All characters created by me (duh). Oh, and I'm sorry if some parts sounds inaccurate or anything. I wrote this a few years ago and decided to put it up...

Sealing the Wounds

Chapter 1

The last night in Germany, September 21st, 1946, was a relief to me, letting a growing weight drop towards the rain splattered ground. I was tightly packed between a huge mass of people, mainly wanting to get out of Germany as fast as they could. We were squeezed within a small marketplace, yelling and screaming, crying as we began to slowly surge forward out of the crowded cobblestone street.

The rain poured harder as me, my family, and the other escapees scattered throughout the streets of Frankfurt and into the surrounding forests for protection. With the heavy cover of the rain soaked trees, the Germans would have a hard time finding their escaped Jews and untrustworthy Germans, but they might be able to follow them pretty easily, for the soft soil in the forest surrounded the runners' footsteps and kept them very well guarded from washing away in the rain.

Lucky for me, I was barefoot, running wildly through the thick water drenched trees, trying to escape from the nasty SS troops of that liar, Hitler. My footprints were too small and slender to track down in the mud. Besides, I usually took alternate routes through the bushes and on top of boulders to ward off those nasty soldiers.

"Nissa, wait!" My little seven year old brother, Judah, screeched my name behind me.

I glanced around to see Judah's short, skinny legs leap across the ground in full quivering strides that would have shocked me if this dash through the woods was just a normal race for first place. My little brother was catching up to me fast, even though I was speeding at my fullest.

"Nissa, Nissa, wait, I don't want to be left behind! Please, wait!" Judah yelled, stretching forward and grabbing hold of my mud splattered hand. "Mama and Papa got lost in the stampede, and I got worried since I didn't know where you were and I was surrounded by people I didn't know." I could clearly see the scared look behind his wide blue eyes.

"Mama and Papa got lost in the stampede?" I asked, my voice stuttering as we both jumped over a moss-covered dead log lying in the middle of the path.

"Yes, they told me to go ahead and find you, right before they disappeared." Judah said, his light chestnut hair sticking to his rain and sweat drenched forehead, "I'm not sure, but I think they got caught by Hitler's troops."

I stopped right in my tracks, pulling Judah's arm roughly as he surged forward, not knowing that I halted. I quickly pulled him into the cover of the thick bushes, away from the thundering feet of the others that churned up the soft ground.

"If Mama and Papa did get captured, we'll have to go save them." I said, a thick wall of hatred in front of my pale green eyes, covering up my true feeling: worry.

"But, Nissa, it's us against huge, trained, thousands of armies of SS troops," Judah complained, trying to persuade me to leave our parents behind. "How are we supposed to beat them?"

I thought for a moment, knowing that Judah was actually right. How are we supposed to beat the all powerful SS troops? Then, a thought sparked up within my head, "Well, we could always trick them."

Judah gave me a strange look that said, 'How is that going to work?'

I rolled my eyes and said, "If our parents are trapped in a cell in one of the jails, one of us could distract a guard who's guarding our parents, while the other grabs the key and rescues them."

"But what if our parents are sentenced to death or something?" Judah said, biting his grubby nails as he always does when he gets worried or anxious.

"Hmm," I mused, tapping my pointer finger on my lips, "we'll just have to do the best we can. . ."

Judah nodded shakily, probably not quite sure if my plan will work. "Okay, I'll help." he said. "But where should we start looking for Mama and Papa?"

I peeked over the top of the hedge that we were hiding behind to make sure no one was within hearing range. The whole forest seemed deserted, just the sound of the trickle of rain broke the silence. I turned back to Judah and whispered, "We start looking at the jail closest to where our parents disappeared."

"Claussen?" Judah asked, his voice shaking from fear and of the cold wind brushing against his wet body.

I nodded solemnly and slowly stood up, blocking the cold, whistling wind from its natural path up hill. Judah stood up with me, holding tightly onto my wet, slippery hand. I turned to look at him, his ratty clothes sticking to every part of his slender body. "We should get going, just in case our parents are sentenced to death."

As I started to step out from the shelter of the rain sprinkled bush, pulling Judah behind me, he spoke up and said, "Do you really think we'll be able to save them in time?'

I stopped, standing in the middle of the foot print spotted dirt path with no protection except the over hanging branches of the rain soaked trees. I stared straight ahead at nothing in particular and said, "I sure hope so."

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