how can i trust you?
after all that i've been through with you
i can barely trust myself
to be honest,
i don't think i ever trusted myself to begin with
but you're not helping much

you used to be the one i could go to for anything
you were the one i could trust with anything
but as i think more and more of what you've put me through
i just question more and more
what you have yet to torture me with

i love you
but something's got to give
and pretty soon
it's going to be me.

get your shit together
and stick up for your beliefs
stop being so goddamn distant!

i remember all those months ago
when you left
and i just thought
i'm going to miss him forever
but we can make it
cuz we love each other, right?

and then i just thought that you were being true
"we're just too far apart"
but now i realize
that my fear was real
it was another girl
it was her
it was that girl
in that picture
(i've wanted to vent for so long, but never had the chance so here goes…)

I fucking hate you!
I fucking hate everything about you!
I can't fucking stand you
or your stupid lies
and softened off truths!
You make me so fucking mad!
I hate every time I talk to you
and you just sit there all smug
and type back your stupid replies on the IM service!
You play games with me;
you say you love me but I can't trust you anymore.