Jenny Fogg Period #4 Writing Prompt


The Night Of Mystery

The wind whipped around the corner, moaning and warning me that something was coming near me. So I turned around to see what was coming and saw nothing. So than I turned back around and started to walk again to go home when all of the sudden I tripped over something and fell down on the ground with a thud. While on the ground I looked around to see what I had tripped over and yet I see nothing on the ground in the light of the moon.

"Huh I must have tripped over my own two feet," I said with a laugh! So getting up off the ground I started to dust my self off when I hear a snap! It was the sound of a twig breaking in the distance behind me.

"Hmmmm I wonder who would be following me at this time of night," I said. So I started to walk again but my feet wouldn't move so I look down at my feet and see that my feet have been frozen to the ground with ice.

"Hmmm I guess the person that is following me doesn't want me to get away," I said. Then I hear another snap of a twig breaking in the distance this time it was much closer to me. So carefully and quietly I pull my bow out of its carrier and put an arrow on to it. Then I waited for the person who was following me to get a little bit closer to me so I could shoot a warning arrow saying that I was armed and ready to fight him or her. Then all of the sudden its quiet all around me so I whip my head around to see if I see anything was behind me and see nothing. So I turned my head back around and come face to face with the sorcerer that was in love with me and I in love with him.

"You shouldn't have followed me here! You could get hurt or worse killed! By the way why were you following me and why did you freeze my feet to the ground with ice?" I said with a whisper so I wouldn't disturb the sleeping sentries.

"Because I didn't want you to go any further cause I needed to see and talk to you," he said in a whisper.

"Why do you have to talk to me right now you could have waited to talk to me tomorrow at school" I said whispering while hugging him.

"I couldn't wait to talk to you tomorrow cause of this." He said whispering then he gets down on to one nee and whispers the four little words that my ears have been dyeing to hear ever since I first met him and fell in love with him.

"Will you marry me?" He said in a whisper and I say, "Yes." With a kiss he puts the diamond ring on my finger. "Ummm love could you unfreeze my feet cause I really need to get home I'll see you tomorrow at school ok" I said in a whisper "Oh yeah. Right just a sec" he said whispering and with a snap of his fingers I could move my feet again. With a kiss I say "goodbye." Then with a wave my love disapperates. Then I put my bow back in its carrier along with the arrow and ran the rest of the way home while being on cloud nine. When I got home I yelled out that I was getting married to my dear beloved sorcerer. Then both of my younger and older sisters comes up to me and says.

"We're so proud for you" and I say, "Why thank you so very much". Then I say to the younger sisters "Hey do you want to help me pick out the flowers that will go in my bouquet and what colors should they be because they need to match my wedding dress and now don't argue on this but you two can decide who will be my flower girls." Then I say to the two older sisters "Hey do you guys want to help me pick out the design and color of my wedding dress and the dresses for the flower girls and the bridesmaids because two of them are going to be you two." Then my sisters say to me.

"What! You're kidding right? Oh wow your letting us help you. Wow that is unbelievable. Why are you letting us help you?" Then I say "Well how am I going to get my dress and the dresses for the flower girls and the bridesmaids done without help. I guess I could just ask mom if she would help me. I just know she would love to help me out!" Then my sisters say.

"NAH! We'll help you out." So they grab me by the arms and drag me upstairs to my room. Then they pick me up and toss me on to my bed and then they go to their rooms and get all their stuff that has to do with the meaning of wedding. Then they come back into my room and we start to jot down stuff about the jewelry that I am going to ware. What make up to put on? What colors should the flowers be? And stuff like that then all of the sudden the room goes dark and then there is a flash of lightning that come and lights up the whole room and then my sisters disappear. Then a portal appears in my room, and out comes the evil sorcerer called Blaze carrying a sword of ice, metal, and lightning. Then he waves his empty hand around and out of thin air appears some thick snake like vines that wrap around me so tightly that I couldn't move at all except to talk. So I yelled at him saying.

"What did you do to my sisters? And how did you find me here? And by the way let me go!" Then he said to me.

"I've waited a long time for this day to come when I would finally catch you. Your sisters are asleep in there rooms on their beds. I was the one who your dear beloved bought the ring from even thou he didn't know that it was me. So I put a tracking device in the ring so I would be able to find you. So no. I will not let you go because your mine now and you're coming with me!" So he snaps his fingers and suddenly I am lifted into the air by an unknown invisible force so I Scream out loud for someone to come and help me but my mouth is covered up by the hand of the evil sorcerer Blaze. "Oh no you don't your not getting away that easily" he said. Then without thinking I bite down hard onto the hand of the evil sorcerer so he uncovers my mouth so fast that he drops his sword. And it falls to the ground with a clatter. So then I scream at the top of my lungs that I was getting kidnapped and wake up everybody in the household even the sleeping sentries that are outside of the castle. Then I get tossed into the portal by Blaze to where ever the other end of his portal is. Then Blaze jumps in after me carrying his sword and swearing madly. Then all of the sudden I blackout for some odd reason and for a while I didn't know what was going on. Then bam my eyesight comes back to me and I'm in this beautiful room still wrapped up with vines. And it looks like that while I was blacked out the vines has been zapping my energy so I'm weak as a kitten now. So then I try to get a short message to my beloved mentally and I say in the message.

"Need…help…been…kidnapped." Then I blackout for a second time this time it was for a longer period of time. When I awoke for a second time I was so weak that I could hardly struggle against the vines that were entrapping me. Then I got a short fast message from my beloved saying.

"Are you all right?" So then using the last bit of energy that I had to send a quick message saying.

"Yes but I'm really weak. Need help majorly must talk to you face to face by dream wave." After that I fell into a dream wave state where I am able to talk to who ever is in a dream wave state at the same time as me for an example my dear beloved. This way I'm able to talk to him face to face magically in my true form. My true form is a secret to all except to my one true love. Who is the sorcerer that gave me the diamond ring and asked me to marry him?

"Hmmmm I wonder how my beloved get tricked by the evil sorcerer Blaze without him knowing it. Wait a second I know how Blaze tricked my beloved. He tricked him by using a disguise" I said mentally. Then poof my beloved sorcerer appears right in front of me and boy is he angry. He is so angry that he has steam coming out of his ears and he is bright red in the face. Then he says to me angrily.

"How in the world the evil sorcerer Blaze find you." Then I say to him.

"Well you know the ring that you gave to me." He says to me.

"Yes I do." And I say to him.

"Well the evil sorcerer Blaze disguise himself as someone else and then he put a tracking device into the diamond ring. Then he sold it to you disguised as the storekeeper. Tricking you so you would buy it from him. Then after school you followed me home and then you gave me the diamond ring. This triggered the tracking device in the ring. Without us knowing it. Hmmm I wonder how he could have made a tracking device so small to fit in the diamond ring that you gave to me. By the way will you calm down you have steam coming out of your ears like there is no tomorrow."

"Ok ok I'm calm, I'm cool I'm fine. Did I really have steam coming out of my ears?" Says my beloved.

"Yes you did and don't start denying it cause I saw it with my own to eyes. You looked so funny with steam coming out of your ears." I say with a laugh. Then my beloved says.

"Uhhhh oh come on it isn't that funny is it. I guess it is. So back to you were saying before about how Blaze could have made a tracking device so small to fit in a ring. Well sad to say this but Blaze and me took a class at the school of witchcraft and wizardry about how to make tracking devices really small so they would go unnoticed. So Blaze must have used the one that he got from participating in the class and then put it in the ring that he sold to me and I gave it to you. So it would track you down so he would be able to find and kidnap you. By the way do you have any idea were Blaze took you?" Says my dear beloved sorcerer.

"No not even the slightest idea. Sorry I wish I could be more of a help to you." I say to my beloved. Then my beloved says to me.

"Hmmm wait a second I just came up with an idea of what I can do so I would be able to find you but I'll need the ring that I gave to you real quick." Then I say to him while taking the diamond ring off of my finger.

"But why? What are you going to do with it?" And he says to me.

"Well you do want me to find you right?"

"Well duh. Of course I do. I don't want to stay like this not being able to see my family and being to weak to hardly move," I say to him. Then he says to me.

"Well I am going to tinker with the tracking device that's in the ring so I would be able to track you down. By using Blazes own tracking device against him without Blaze knowing it."

"Oh I get it. But wait a minute how are you going to do that if you don't have any tools on you that I can see. Unless you're hiding them under your magnificent cloak." I say to him. And he says to me.

"Oh well. You caught me on that one. By the way thanks for the complement so here goes nothing." As he starts to work on the diamond ring I start to feel my magical bond to my beloved weaken very slightly. So I told my beloved what was happening to my magical bond to him.

"Hey sweetie the vines that are entrapping me are starting to zap my magic away. So my magical bond is weakening so you got to hurry please."