Chapter 4

Then Clarissa says to me and to everybody in the room.

"Hey ladies it is time to go back now. If we don't go back now Blaze will be so angry that lets just not go there ok." And I say to Clarissa.

"Fine by me. NOT!!!" Then I was whisked back to the room where the feast is going to be held. When I got there I was amazed at the site that met my emerald green eyes. And standing at the head of the table was Blaze all dressed in a silver tucks with a ruby red cloak with gold trimming and of course a gem studded crown. Then I said in my head. OH man I defiantly don't want to marry this guy not one bit. Then Blaze snapped his fingers and the chain that chaining me to Blossom disappeared. Then Blaze waves his hand in the air around and around. I could just barely sense that power was gathering in to some type of shape. Then suddenly Blaze closed his hand and starts to walk over to me and he gots a smug look on his face. All the while he is holding something in his hand. When Blaze reaches me he holds out his hand and tells me that.

"Your outfit just isn't complete with out this." Then Blaze opens his hand and in his hand was a gold heart shaped locket on a sliver chain. And I was dumfounded asking myself how did he do that? While I was still dumfounded Blaze puts the necklace on me and then he kisses me on the cheek. And I was like in my head saying.

"EEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWW. How gross. Oh nasty." Then Blaze motions to me to come and sit in the chair that he just pulled out from the table. And once I sat down Blaze kissed me on the forehead and I said to myself like yuck I am definitely scrubbing my forehead and cheek until they're raw. Then he whispers in my ear.

"Just to be on the safe side so you don't get away I am going to chain you to the chair ok. Good." Then Blaze snaps his fingers and in a puff of smoke there was a chain around my leg chaining me to the chair. Then Blaze pulls out a chair that was next to me and sat down then he clapped his hands three times and the door to the room opened letting in even more servants carrying food and drink.