How SirWade came to be

I know no one's asked about my name, and I'm sure that's because I've seen names a lot weirder! Anyways, I was bored one day and started to write this in my head. Then today, I decided to write it out for real. I know I said it was a long story, but really it's not that long….

Two summers ago two of my cousins were staying with us, for about a week. They were two years younger and four years younger than me respectively.

Well, my mom was gone a lot and my dad was working, so many of the days it was just them, my sister, and me at home. And, I guess, we watched several episodes of the cartoon Kim Possible. I really didn't think we watched it that many times, but they insisted we did. And if any of you have seen that then you know who "Wade" is. And for those of you who haven't watched it I'll explain. He's the computer whiz who monitors Kim Possible's website. Tells her when there's a "sitch" and arranges rides, gadgets, and gizmos. My cousins also said that I was on the computer a lot of the time they were here, which is probably kind of true…Hence the name Wade. Although I am in no way a 'computer whiz'!

Man this is getting hard to explain!

Okay now for the "Sir" part. That summer my sister and I were participating in a community play. We were doing a review that year, and we had scenes and monologues from several different plays. Anyways, one of our last scenes was from Charlie Brown and I played "Peppermint Patty". My sister played "Marcie", did I spell that wrong? Sorry, if I did. And Marcie always called Peppermint Patty "Sir". Well our cousins came to one of our rehearsals, which was our first mistake, and saw that scene rehearsed. That's where the 'Sir' part came from.

And from that time on, I've usually been called "Sir Wade". Although once in a while they do slip up and call me my real name, and no I'm not telling you what it is!

Well, to finish this off, my sister and I were talking and we thought I should use my nickname as a pen name, so I did. And now I'm a slightly established author on here with a wonderful story(Author Unknown) complete and two stories in-progress that look like they'll turn out very well(Illusions & Past Revelations)! And I'm not bragging…..I'm just giving myself a little advertising…..

DISCLAIMER: I do not own any aspect of Kim Possible or Charlie Brown!

Thanks for reading my rambling!! lol...I hope you enjoyed this short story!!! Please Review:)