Death's Love

Chapter 2

I awoke with a sudden jerk of the plane as we skidded down the runway. I sat up still a little groggy from my nap. I hadn't realized I was that exhausted. I looked around letting my eyes adjust to the dim red light that lined the isle, casting shadows all around. I looked across the isle to see that I was not the only one that had fallen asleep; the other two men that had been in the passenger area with me were rubbing there eyes attempting to rub the sleep away with it. I turned to look out the window and then remembered that the windows were tinted and I wouldn't be able to see anything even if I wanted to.

The drive to the university was short and yet again silent. Gee, I thought, these people really need to work on their social skills. But I would soon learn the reason for their silence.

I was not greeted a the door, nor was any one waiting for me in the room I was to bee staying in for the next week or so, while I was staying at the university.

I sat on my bunk, looking over the Spartan decorations of the small room, my baggage was on the floor beside the bed, and I was thinking of what I should do next. In the end I decided to unpack my stuff into the dresser which was by the window, but when I went to open one of the drawers there was already things in there. I opened the other drawer and found yet more things in it, after I had finished checking the last drawer, I started to think that maybe I was in the wrong room when I heard the door opening making a hardly audible swoosh of a disturbance in the air. I whirled around and stood ready for a confrontation. A slim woman completely clothed in black stood in the doorway, she had pale ivory skin with a nearly flawless complexion, except for a thin scar that curved from the crows' feet of her eyes to the nook at the corner of her full lips. She stood there a silent dark silhouette in the doorway; she was leaning against the door frame with a slight smile pulling at the corners of her mouth. Straightening herself she sauntered on over to where I stood ever alert to any sudden move she might make. She walked around me, scrutinizing me, with her steely gray gaze. I tried not to turn to follow her when she walked behind my back, feeling the hair rise in the back of my neck and a shiver up my spine. I don't know why I was treating her with such distrust, but something about her made my senses go on edge. "Well, well… am I good or what?" she said with much delight. I looked at her, puzzled by her comment.

"I am Nyomi, the Headmaster of this university." bobbing her head and extending a delicate ivory hand; to my surprise she had an exceedingly strong grip nearly squashing my hand in hers.

A slight grin danced across her pale pink lips and amusement danced about her rainy day eyes. "Well met…Jezzabell." She said clearly enjoying the astonished look that had taken over my features, as her grin spread into a toothy smile showing canines that seemed too long to be normal. I shivered inwardly at the sight; the hair on the back of my neck was standing straight at the abnormal scene. Nyomi must have noticed my discomfort for her smile fell. There was an awkward moment of silence; after what seemed like ages she finally spoke. "I see you have found your room alright, that's good this place can be like a labyrinth some times with all its dead ends and winding hallways." she said with a polite smile. "So this is my room?" I asked puzzled. "Then why are still clothes in here? Did someone forget them?"

"No the clothes in the drawers are kind of like the schools uniform. You may wear what you like but we prefer that you wear those instead." she nodded in the direction of the dresser. I nodded, saying I understood. "I will let you unpack while I go check up on…something…" she said all of a sudden seeming far off and distant. Shaking her head as if to clear it. "I will be back shortly to show you around. If you wouldn't mind changing into your uniform." she said not as a question but as an order, then marched out of the room. I shut the door and locked it this time to make sure no more unexpected guests tried to sneak up on me. What and odd place, I thought. I decided not to unpack my bag but shoved it under the bed, it barely fit making it so that if you looked you could see barely see the handle. I walked over to the dresser and opened the to drawer. In side was a pair of spandex like pants that went just above my ankles, framing my calves and thighs. In the next was a top to match the pants, with a medium cut and sleeves that went right above the wrists. In the next drawer I found loose black pants and shirt that fit nicely over the others. The shirt had the same style of neckline as the under shirt but with a deeper cut. On top of the dresser there was a box that contained what seemed to be bobby-pins and hair-ties. Now in a sense the were but...on closer examination it turned out to be that the bobby pins were actually miniature knives. Amazed I ran my finger along the edge of the tiny silver blade and to add to my amazement it sliced open my forefinger and it started to bleed! "Ow!" I said more shocked than hurt. I put the bobby-pin back into the box and walked over to the closet. There were two black coats on hangers, one was obviously a winter jacket, with a thick inside lining, it was made out of wool and the hem went past my knees. The other was more of a spring/fall coat, it was the same length as the other with a thin felt lining. On the floor there was a variation of shoes ranging form what seemed like black ballet slippers to black leather, steel toed, combat boots. After rummaging through the dresser drawers again I found a pair of black ankle socks. Putting them on to keep my feet warm and off the cold wood flooring, I sat down on the bed wondering what to do next.

There was a light knock on the door and I was startled awake. I sat up groggily looking about me for what had awakened me. Then it was there again a light rapping on the thick oak door. I hurriedly stumbled out of bed to get the door. I opened it a crack to see who it was, a slender brunette stood there smiling and before I could say a word she pushed the door open and swept into the room. She turned to smile at me with the grace of a swan. " 'ello, I'm Viktora, but ye mun' call me Vik." she said politely and by the confused look I held she ventured further. "Nyomi tol me ta come and get ye, and ta make sure ye are properly dressed fa evenin' meal. She also tells me ta apologize fa leaving ye in here fa so long, but she had some urgent business ta attend to." She examined me, seeming to study my appearance and nodded. "Ye've done well, now all we need ta do is ye 'air. Ye can nowt go down with it like 'at." she said shaking her head. She walked over to the dresser and took the box over to the bed and set it down. Opening the box she motioned for me to come sit on the edge of the bed. "Are you kidding? I'm not letting you put those in my hair, what do you think I am stupid?" I said putting my hands on my hips and giving her a disbelieving look. "They will nowt hurt ye besides they are part of ye uniform, at's required." she said stubbornly. I gave a suspicious look. "How do I know you won't stab me with one of those things?" She was getting a little fed up with my arguing and promised me that I needn't worry that if she had wanted to hurt me she could have already done so. Still suspicious I walked over cautiously, watching her for any sudden movement. I sat down on the bed carefully making sure to not let my guard down. While Vik did my hair she babbled on about the university and other random things that meant nothing really. When she had finished she stood me up and examined her handy work, a grin spread across her plump mouth. "Now ye'll hav' ta be careful till ye get used to 'em bein' there. Don't ye go a bonkin' ye head on 'nutin now." she gave me a stubborn but concerned look. "Now what will we be havin' ye wear fa shoes, ye can nowt go down with nutin' but socks on ye feet ats' improper." she fussed. Running over to the closet and rummaging through the shoes. She pulled out the combat boots and told me to put them on and started to fuss when I didn't tuck the pant legs into the knee high boots. The lacings took forever to do up but when I was finished I stood and looked at myself in the mirror. I was shocked. I looked nothing like myself, I looked stunning! The leather boots fit perfectly and reached up to just below my knees, the pants were loose and light, but yet form fitting and durable. The shirt was of the same material light but durable, with a V cut that was just the right length. Then my hair! Oh my word, was it beautifully done! My hair, which when it was down reached a couple inches below my shoulder-blades (I had started to let it grow out once I moved to Sena), was twisted into some kind of intricate design, which had little black roses scattered through out it. At first I was puzzled by the roses but then realize that they were the bobby-pins! I looked to Vik whose face was beaming, at the image in the mirror. I laughed not being able to contain myself for the look on her face, she chuckled.

Down the hallway we walked laughing and joking with each other as though we had known each other for years. We came to a stop at a huge set of rowan wood doors, which reach nearly till the high arching sealing. The doors themselves were a thing to marvel at. Outlining the doors, rose vines with thorns, that seemed more like knives, and drops of dew fell off delicately carved petals, which seemed more like blood. In the center was a large and beautifully architected building, with sweeping roofs and high towers that seemed nearly impossible for them to stand on their own. It took my breath away. I looked to Vik who had a grin on her round face; "'tis a carvin' of da university, 'tis the most beautiful buildin' I've ever seen."

"Yes...beautiful…" I said staring at the carving in wonder.

"Well come on now, don' want ye ta be late for yes' first meal at the university." and hurried along pulling me behind.