Always they have turned a critical eye trained on you, only one, turning their shoulders away as if saying you don't matter as much.

Time and time again you have laid bare your work for their eyes to see but all they see are flaws in every little bit and every moment you waste trying helplessly to please them.

Your shoulders sag, knowing what will next. They walk right past you, looking to others that they shout words of praise and joyful laughter reaches back to you.

In the darkness that they had left you alone in without a second thought, the words echo through out. It makes you seemingly shrink into the background where you're all but forgotten.

You realize the praise would never be your's, facing the truth that you weren't ever good enough. So you square your shoulders, feeling the pooling of tears at your eyes. Trying to hold it in, one slips, trailing slowly down the arch of your cheek. That's all that you let out. In only shedding one tear, you face away just the same as they.

You will yourself to forget them but having such a huge impact on your childhood and upbringing, you hesitate. You hope your mind will never trouble with thoughts of them again.

Now you are free, knowing that you never really needed them, you just thought you did. So you walk away, not looking over your shoulder, with shoulders held back and head held up high, you walk away, without another thought.