I wrote this after I read a poem by a friend.


By: Nnaliseaai

Thoughts, they run around in your mind,
plaguing you when you're alone.

The thoughts you think
The emotions you feel,
The words you say
The actions you do.

No matter how hard you try, you always end hurting someone dear.

Though that was what you most feared.

You feel as if you've betrayed your friends,

Lied to your family,

Cared only for you, not paying any heed to the pain that you caused to those you love.

You could never trust yourself again.

Fearing for the safety of all you hold dear, you back away. You crawl into the one haven that you think you would be safe but you don't realize that it hurts them all the more.

You become of a shell of your former self, living life only out of habit and your life dwindling as you continue in your state.

A small corner of yourself yells at you that what you're doing is the wrong course. You don't listen, thinking that only you can make everything right.

The silence is sometimes too much but for the sake of loved ones you stand and bear it.

It wrenches your heart pulling it almost out. To realize it was all your doing…

The thoughts you think,
The emotions you feel
The words you say,
And the actions you do.

That you started it all.