A/N: Well, I've been firing off a couple new things, as well as about three new songs. They've been laying around in rough for a couple weeks so I figured, what the hell. This song that your about to read was written in a haze of rage over my complete upset. Wallaceburgs cool, but I had a life in LK, and a half decent one. Anyways, I thought up the title firts, and it gave me grounds for this good song.

Chainsaw Mentality

Know no mercy...
Feel no hurt...
Think like blades and feel the burn!!!

Aching for so long, to shut you the fuck up!
You've been talking for so long, now it's time to make the jump!
Rusted chains and tarnished heart!
Close your eyes as I... Rip you apart!

Chainsaw mentality!
Tainted by conformity!
Fuck reality!
Dark hilarity!
Don't tell me your not scared of me.

The rusts far from gone, the metals all been ripped.
Corrosion so strong! Sanity has tipped.
Molten brains and iron darts!
Reckless murder is an art!

Chainsaw mentality!
Tetanus apology!
Fuck mortality!
My monstrosity!!!
Sell all of your fear to me!

Tilt back your head and swallow your screams!
Choke upon all of your blood as it streams!
Drink up the poison you've made for yourself.
Tear out your heart and welcome to hell!
When your drowning in darkness its so difficult to tell!!!

Chainsaw mentality!
Bloody proximity!
Fuck your hypocracy!
Signed obituary!
You're never getting rid of me,
That fast.

A/N: And there you have it. It took a while to actually perfect. For a while it was completely different, being a segmented megasong like Green Day's Jesus Of Suburbia. Then, I changed my mind; all the little segments of it became too original for me to leave so little of it. So they all segmented off to individual pieces, which you'll probably see soon. Anyways, this is one of my personal favourites while still being a harder song. Hope you all liked it.