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A Blood Thirst

Aidan put the extinguished butt down, inhaling deeply to get the last of the intoxicating smoke into his lungs. He didn't care what his friends might say; he loved his drugs. They should be happy, anyway. He dropped cocaine for pot. That was a good change – right?

It was – for him, at least.

Besides, with how the world was, it was natural to want an escape. Those goddamn freaks were wondering the streets! Imps and elves trying to blend in with humans was bad enough but with those punk-ass half-bloods thinking they ruled the place, life was torture. Those stupid things were always hiding in the alleys, ready to pounce. It wasn't the humans' fault they couldn't get laid and get a partner to share blood with! So, he needed an escape from the stupid wannabe vampires roaming around.

Okay, he would admit that maybe he wasn't doing the 'right thing', but no one really did the 'right thing' nowadays. But, at least he wasn't dealing the drugs. Just buying them.

That's why he was surprised when someone showed up at his door, begging for them.

The lights were low and he was just about to light up when he heard the knock on his door. He looked at the door for a while, a bit confused – Who would come to his door at almost three AM? Now he wished he hadn't drank so many beers before so he would be able to remember if he had paid off all his dealers yet. When the banging continued and his head began to throb, he opened the door, stumbling back when a body was flung towards him.


The body slumped forward to its knees and the boy looked up pleadingly at him. "Please… It's been so long! I really need it!"

"W-Who are you?" Aidan cried.

A few neighbors popped their heads out of their apartments, wondering what was making such a racket. Blushing, Aidan dragged the kid inside. He slammed the door shut behind him and flung the thing to the floor.

"What the hell is wrong with you?"

The boy – no, young man – looked up, "You're a dealer, right? Please, I really need some. I'm dying here!"

Aidan backed away as the man tried to approach him again. "You got the wrong address, buddy. I don't deal shit. I only buy it; you got a bad informant."

The man looked stricken. "You're not… What'll I do?"

Aidan winced as the man before him began to sob. The last thing he needed was for some crazy crack addict to start crying in his apartment. The owner was already on his ass for having rent late, but this would send him over the edge. Nervously, Aidan tried to move back to the door.

"I can give you a few names to get your stuff. Just… you gotta get out, man. Charles' gonna kill me for the noise you're making."

"I-I'll stop," the man sniffed. "But…I've got no where to go! And I need some food – fast!"

"Food? Aren't you looking for a dealer?"

Now the man stopped crying, looking up at him curiously. "You haven't noticed yet? Yeah, I need a dealer but not for the drugs your buddies push. I need something else."

"Well, I don't have it! Get out!"

The man stood and rubbed his face as if to chase away his sleepiness. When he looked back up at Aidan again, he looked completely replenished. Aidan took a step back again and motioned to the door.

"You need to leave."

"I know, I know," the man sighed, completely recovered from his breakdown.

As the man walked past him he stopped and inhaled deeply. "Oh… You smell so good."


The man's hands were clasping onto his arms, just below the shoulders and he gave him a toothy grin, smiling at the obvious fear on Aidan's face.

"Let go!" Aidan cried, struggling furiously.

"Calm down. Charles' will kill you, remember?"

He leaned down and kissed Aidan furiously; biting so hard on his lower lip, he drew blood. He lapped at the red liquid dripping down the boy's chin and smiled again.

"Oh… You really are so tasty. I won't be able to resist any longer," he whispered and Aidan felt him lick at his ear.

Aidan struggled as the man forced him to the floor and ripped off his shirt, licking his shoulder as he pulled down his pants. He was forced to his knees and the man pulled his arms behind his back, tying them with his ruined shirt. Aidan kicked and struggled but the man was too strong for him and clamped a hand down over his mouth when he began to cry for help.

Aidan was screaming against the hand over his mouth, on the verge of tears. He hated his life, his apartment, and the fact that freaks like this guy existed. When the man spread him, he let the tears he had been trying to hold back fall as he accepted his imminent fate.

The man shoved two fingers into him and he began sobbing at the brutal pain. He screamed when the man plunged into him, full force. The man wrapped an arm around his hips, pulling him back as he thrust erratically. He licked at Aidan's neck before he sank his sharp teeth into the teenager's neck, slurping the young blood noisily.

Aidan shook his head furiously and the man removed his hand and let him vomit; just the noise he was making was enough to make him sick. He panted heavily, trying to keep his head off the ground where his vomit covered the floor in front of him.

As the man drank his blood, he slowly dropped his head bit by bit. The blood loss made him pass out before the man even came.

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