Totally random filler chapter that has nothing to with the plot. Its just to give some more background (a little) to Aiden. The flashback his written through his outlook (though not written as POV). I just felt really bad for not having updated in so long. Uh, I'm going to tell you all now that Aiden is sort of fucked in the head when he was still attending high school. Seriously.

WARNING: Lots of cussing in this chapter. LOTS. Seriously. Its an angry, angsty Aiden while in high school, so... yeah. Also, some bimbo says "faggot" a lot. You've been warned.

Do You Like It? (Filler)

Aidan stared at the vampire sitting across from him at the table.

"Do you like it?" Blaine asked, smiling hopefully.

Aiden stood abruptly, nearly knocking over the kitchen chair, and stomped upstairs.


"Do you like it?" Will asked, smiling brightly in that annoying way of his.

He was going to leave soon, and Aiden knew it. This was one of his pathetic parting gifts. He had been spending too much time with that guy they had met a few weeks ago. Thomas seemed like a fine guy, but the sophomore wasn't looking forward to being dumped. Everyone would know, and the whispers would start. How fucking annoying.

Aiden frowned at the spongy, orange cake in front of him. "No."

Will's smile faded, looking like that stupid dog on Aiden's old street, the one that always leapt at him when he walked by, but got caught on the too-short chain. He didn't know why that little shit dog liked him so much, but he didn't know why Will did, either.

"Why not?" Will demanded, frowning. "I made it for you."

"That's why I don't like it," Aiden said, jumping off the short wall they were both sitting on. His feet couldn't reach the ground when he sat on it, but Will's could and he hated that.

Will shouted to him when he was walking away, even called him a bitch, but Aiden didn't turn around.

The girl who talked to him third period – he never bothered to learn her name – told him off for turning down Will's stupid cake.

"I mean, like, how could you do that to him? If my boyfriend made me a cake, I'd eat that shit like Oprah on a bad day! How could you?"

Aiden tried to concentrate on the compound equation in front of him, but the dumb slut wouldn't shut up. Her sparkling lip gloss was smudged on the side of her lip and Aiden had the horrible image of her fucking her water polo boyfriend in the 500 building bathrooms flash through his mind. He wondered briefly if she would still talk to him if he revealed that it was he who had walked in on them last Thursday. As she continued to talk, trying to spin her pen around her fingers and failing, he had to stop himself from telling her about how her boyfriend had bragged about it to everyone in sixth period the next day.

"Are you listening, Adam?" She demanded. She had been his lab partner for three months and he had known her since the fifth grade, when she moved in from Florida, but she still called him Adam. "I'm just saying that, like, you should maybe be more appreciative of him, okay? Like, if Rye-Brye," a dreamy look passed over her face as she spewed that disgusting nickname for her shitty boyfriend, "made me something, I'd keep it forever."

"I thought you're not eating carbs," Aiden finally added, eyeing the poptart she had brought to class. She had announced to him that she wasn't going to eat carbs anymore two weeks ago as she slipped on her iced macchiato from Starbucks. When he suggested just throwing up instead, she had told him to stop cutting himself and get help.

"That's not the point, Adam!" She cried, exasperated. "If your boyfriend comes to you offering a fucking heart-shaped chunk of, like, lard, you fucking eat it! I mean, fuck! Its like…you don't even care, get it? You fucking eat what they give you?"

"Like a dog?" Aiden asked.

"Fuck you, Adam! You know what I mean! I mean, you have to be, like, grateful of what you have, especially you."

"Oh?" Aiden sat up a bit more. "Why me?"

"Well, you're a faggot, yeah? You should consider yourself lucky you even have someone. Like, no one wants to be a fucking faggot."

"Like me?" Aiden added, smiling. She wasn't going to stop talking for a while. He had been waiting for this.

"Yeah! You're a fag, so you should just take what you get. Like, especially when you have Will. He's so fucking hot, but you turned him gay. Everyone fucking hates you! Why should a faggot like you – you know, all emo and shit – get him?"

Aiden held his tongue. This was perfect timing. He had never liked whatsername more!

"Excuse me?"

The stupid ditz spun around and stared blankly at the red-haired teacher now in front of her.

"What did you just say?"

Aiden tried to look his worst, no matter how much he was smiling.

"Uhh, it wasn't anything," Whatsername said, trying to smile.

Aiden smiled to himself as his science teacher – the teacher founder of the Gay Straight Alliance club – gave the bitch a referral. The moment was ruined when she came back and tried to "comfort" him, but Aiden tried not to be selfish and be happy with what he got.

He had a friend in fourth period who would nod along with all his bitching, but first there was break. Fuck, Aiden thought. Shit, he'll get me then.

Sure enough, Will was standing next to his locker, holding his pathetic cake like a retard.

"Why don't you like it?" he asked.

"Who likes that shit?" Aiden snapped. "Why didn't you leave it at home? Feed it to your dog."

"Cake isn't good for Stevaroo," Will explained calmly.

That dog loved Aiden, too. Fuck dogs, Aiden thought angrily, but he really loved that dumb mutt.

"Take it," Will pleaded, inching the plate a little closer to Aiden's hand while it shook the stuck lock chaining his locker closed.

Aiden looked down at the cake. If he knocked it out of Will's hands, would he cry? Probably not. He imagined watching it drop to the ground, landing facedown like buttered toast, and maybe the plate would smash, too. The guy in the locker above him and his friends would laugh while the three girls that surrounded his locker on the sides and below him would aww with sympathy. Not fucking worth it.

He looked at Will's face. "No."

The bell rang and Aiden fled the scene, again refusing to look back as Will called sadly after him.


Two days later, Will still had that cake.

"Please, Aiden," he begged.

Aiden looked away. Why the fuck did his fifth period teacher have to like Will? He could always get at him then. Fuck that whore, Ms. Cook.

He knew what that stupid little cake was. It was a goodbye present. Once he took it, Will would consider himself forgiven. He knew Aiden knew about Thomas. Will had barely put down his phone at all since they had met Thomas. No conversation passed without his name being mentioned anymore. What's more, Will hadn't touched Aiden for weeks, either, an occurrence that only bore bad tidings.

"Why not?"

"You fucking know why not! You know, Will!" Aiden shouted.

"Shut up, Aiden," Ms. Cook said from her desk in the back corner. The class was empty expect for the three of them, the others all having left to go to the shopping center across from the school.

"Sit down," Will whispered, his voice soft and calm.

Aiden sat and Will pulled the desk closer to him. "Aiden, I meant what I said when we started going out."

Aiden frowned.

"I really do love you, but -- ."

"Ms. Cook! He's breaking up with me in your class!" Aiden called.

"William, get a heart, you stupid jackass," Ms. Cook scolded. "You go outside if you want to do that."

Will frowned. "Aiden," he whispered.

"Don't get pissy, you're the one dumping me," Aiden snapped.

Will was quiet for a minute. "Eat the cake," he finally said.

Aiden sighed and looked down at the orange cake. He ran his finger lightly against the white frosting and popped it in his mouth.

"Eat the cake. You're too skinny, anyway," Will scolded.

Glaring, Aiden tore a chunk off the cake and popped it in his mouth.

"Fuck!" Aiden screamed, spitting the cake out of his mouth and across the room.

"You're picking that up!" Ms. Cook shouted.

"The fuck was that? That was disgusting! You're breaking up with me with some shitty cake?"

"Is carrot cake! I like it!" Will cried.

"Who likes shitty carrot cake?" Aiden snapped, collapsing into a desk a few rows away from Will.

Ms. Cook was laughing at her desk, her curly hair bouncing as she shook, holding her stomach.

Will frowned. "I made that cake myself. I like carrot cake."

"Whoever fucking put carrots in cake should die. This is a shitty cake and you're a fucktard," Aiden growled.

"You'd like Thomas," Will whispered.

Aiden turned away. He did like Thomas. The guy had been cute and nice, unlike anyone he or Will had ever known before. He was tall and his eyes were soft and when you talked, you could tell he was really listening, those gentle eyes focused only on you. He had shook their hands when they met at some random party. Everyone was stumbling around drunk, but he shook their hands and smiled as he told them his name before kindly asking for theirs. When Aiden had started leaning against the wall for support, the frown that creased his perfect face was sincere and his voice anxious as he offered to give them a ride home.

Fuck. Thomas was great.

Aiden frowned. Will was great. Sure, he wouldn't help any with the drugs, but he was nice. He never once hit, or threatened to. Once in a while, he'd say a name, but never to hurt, he just got angry, like everyone else.

"Why not eat a shitty cake anyway?" Will asked. "The perfect cake for something like this."

"Break-up Cake," Ms. Cook dubbed from her seat behind her desk.


"Aiden?" Blaine called up the stairs.

Aiden stabbed angrily at the buttons on the phone receiver, waiting for the jackass to pick up.

"Yello?" Will asked cheerfully.

"YOU DON'T EVER GIVE BLAINE RECIPES! EVER, EVER AGAIN!" Aiden screamed into the receiver. He could hear Will laughing as he slammed the phone down.

"Aiden?" Blaine asked from the doorway.

Aiden turned sharply to Blaine. "I fucking hate carrot cake."


Ms. Cook: Based on a teacher at school who freely cusses at the kids. The class is based on my own fifth period that doesn't require attendance of Fridays.

Gay Straight Alliance: This club (GSA) is a club at my school. I think the purpose is obvious in the title. I'm a member of it. The science teacher is based on the real teacher founder of the club. I think GSA also exists at other schools, but I'm not sure how many.

Sorry I've been AWOL for so long. A lot has been going on. I'm serious, a LOT. Its…actually really bad. And it involves someone my friends know and it's a BIG secret so I can't talk to them about it and only my Beta (HurtMe) knows what's going on.

Today I was watching a cooking show (I'm planning on going to culinary school, in case I've never mentioned it before) and my favorite cook made a disgusting carrot cake today. Thus, this chapter was written.

I'd like to say that I've been busy writing, but I haven't. I wrote a page or two for Letting Go, but that's all. Its been months…

Sorry, all, I'll try way harder, I promise. Winter Break starts this week, so I'll try to crank out some chapters then.