Title: My First Time

Author: ThePoopieHater

Chapter: 5

Just Friends.

He definitely was wearing cologne. Not something strong, it smelled pretty good actually. Steve's cologne makes me puke however. He puts on so much it can make your eye water. I hope Steve doesn't have excess BO. problems or anything.

He wiped my face very slowly as if not to hurt me then I asked him, "How did you know I would be here?"

"Well, I kind of made sure Jake invited you. But I'm surprised Steve isn't here. You guys go like everywhere together."

Just then, I heard "What's going on here?" It was Miranda, one of the friends who came here with me tonight.

"Um, Hey. This is a, a… this is Kyle. Kyle this is Miranda, Mimi for short." I replied.

"Hey." Kyle was so smooth when he spoke. His smile was just so beautiful. I could just eat him up, uh that's sounds weird. I can't believe I never noticed him and his dirty blonde hair before.

"Oh." Miranda said while she gulped. Miranda was one my closest friends and I think she was hurt seeing Kyle and I hug. She really cares about me and she understands how much cheating hurts the other person in the relationship, in this scenario Steve, but I wasn't even really cheating. Miranda has been cheated on many times, not that's she's a bad person or anything. Anyways, Miranda looked pretty disappointed, and I wished she wasn't.

Miranda just sort of stepped back, and started to head for the door. "Wait!" I tried to stop her. I quickly asked Kyle for his number and email, and kissed him on the cheek as I ran out the door.

Miranda and I didn't speak the whole way to the car, and almost forgot about Margaret and Sophie. Sophie said she would go home with her boyfriend tonight, and I thought she was a lucky bitch cause she was going to have sex while I listen to my mom yell at me about why I'm so late, and how now I'm 'never' going to be allowed out of the house again. While we waited for Margaret to wash her face so she didn't look too tipsy, Miranda finally spoke.

"What I saw back there, should it worry me?" Miranda asked. "No, of course not. Why should you?" I replied trying to keep my face straight.

"I mean if Steve knew, he would be worried wouldn't he?" she replied. She made a pretty good point, Steve would hate me for this and I felt awful. I wanted to run to Steve's house and beg for his apology and hopefully he would forgive me and afterwards we could have 'fun'.

"I'm ready lets go!" my now pale friend Margaret uttered. I stared at her and murmured under my breath, 'everyone has his or her own problems', which was completely true.

So we started driving, well I started driving. We dropped off Margaret and Miranda and I were alone, again. I asked Miranda what she did all night.

"Oh nothing. I was watching TV what I could've just done at home while you were cheating with some guy. I'm sorry what was his beautiful name again. Tile?" she said.

"Shut the fuck up what the hell is your problem. You saw how Steve has been acting now a days and its not like I was even cheating. Look here, watch me."

And I crumbled up Kyle's number and email and threw it out the window door.

"You didn't have to do that. Now you are going to waste ten minutes calling around to get his fucken number."

"Gosh, I know you care and everything but why can't you just back off. Do you like Kyle or something?"

Miranda stopped facing me and looked directly at the road. At first I thought she was mad at me telling her to back off but ten seconds later, she was like..

"So what?"

"So what, what?" I said.

"So what if I like Kyle? You seem to like him!"

Wow, Miranda Nancy Hewitt had a crush on Kyle. And I thought she was concerned about me! No, I wasn't mad at her, I was kind of glad.

"Oh, Miranda, that's fine. I can see why anyone would be attracted to him. I mean he's such a good kisser!!"

"What! You kissed him, how dear you! I hate you so much Chealsea. Just drop me off here so I don't have to see your ugly face." Shit why did I say that.

"Fine, screw you." And I dropped her off 5 blocks away from her house, and 14 away from mine.


We were walking and driving alongside. I wanted to make her feel better, cause she looked pretty mad.

"We're just friends, Miranda. Me and Kyle are JUST FRIENDS!"

"Right, like I'm going to believe that…….." and she continued walking, and i continued feeling like a bad ass: a cheater, bad daughter and worst of all disgusting friend. I might have made a world record.