I'm always looking on the bright side.

I'm always reaching for the stars.

But only now, I realize that…

The bright side is just as dark as everything else.


I'm sorry, I can't take this anymore.

No more Miss Optimist.

Because my arms are broken from reaching so high…

And I'm still star-less.


There's something about being let down so many times…

That makes me want to pull out my hair.

Because I've always been trying to climb to heaven,

But I forget to count the stairs.


I try so hard and work so hard.

Yet I'm still the last in line.

I've tried to keep on smiling,

But sometimes I can't help but sigh.


So here I am stating;

No more Miss Bright Side

(What bright side?)

I think I'll now live a realistic life.


No more lies about the future,

No more kidding myself about the past.

I'm living for the moment from now on,

And reminding myself, I'll always be last.