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Summary: Saya goes out during her break to stumble upon an intriguing man in the park on her way back. Does she have the courage to approach him or will this one slip through her fingers? Cute romantic, One-Shot

Break Time

"These are too much," a fair, young woman told herself out loud as she placed a pair of shoes back on the shelf. "I need a better job! I might as well live in a gutter trying to live off the dribble I get paid at the restaurant!" She thought as she glanced at her watch. "What!" It's 4:00 already!" She exclaimed out loud. Too loud in fact, for many of the other customers looked at her as if she were a madman "Whoops! Must have said that out loud . . ." she reddened a little. "Whatever, I have only fifteen minutes until break is over. I gotta get back," she thought as she scampered out of the store.

As she trotted along the path to the restaurant, it began. Taking her first steps into Inogashira Park. Her sea green eyes began wandering; and that's when she saw him.

A sharply dressed, stunningly attractive young man was staring up into the clear cerulean sky as if without a care in the world. The undone button of his pristine cream-colored shirt dangled as his collar gently coasted with every soft caress of the summer's breeze. The benevolent sun's vibrant rays further enhanced his sharp, virile features, but his most intriguing feature was his brilliant eyes. They were the kind of eyes that would shine in the dark.

"Whoa . . ." the young woman gasped as she came to a full stop. "He's a fox . . ." she dreamily giggled to herself as she blushed. That short-lived euphoric moment soon turned into intense apprehension as she found herself staring into a solemn pair of grey pensive eyes. Her blush deepened. 'Sayaa! What are you doing? You have just been spotted! Turn away!!' She silently commanded, but to no avail. In this trance, the two continued to peer into each other as if they were searching for something. Whatever it was made the man smirk. As if staring into the sun, Sara finally broke eye contact. "Snap out of it! You're going to be late for work!" she chastised herself as she once again began to walk off hurriedly.

Three minutes after she began her little "power walk", Sara stopped for a moment. Drawing a deep, forlorn breath of frustration, she stood in utter disbelief. 'What the hell was that? Uhhh! I am so stupid! Standing there like a complete idiot. And he was sooo hot too! Why didn't I just drool while I was at it . . . did I drool? Oh God!' she agonizingly thought. "He probably thinks I'm a complete freak now." She glumly said.

"But on the contrary, I though you were charming," a mysterious baritone voice replied from behind.

"Thanks, but still . . ." Saya's eyes slowly widened as she came to realize her greatest fear; to discover him behind her! 'Jeez! When did he get there? Aww!' she moaned to herself. 'Don't tell me he heard me!? I am such a loser!' She mutely cried. "Uh . . ." she managed to stammer as she tried to hide her blushing face.

"I just came by to tell you," The man's sleek voice began.

'Oh my god! His voice! It's so sexy . . . I could just melt right now,' she thought. 'No. . . calm down . . . I must be strong.' She told herself. His deep, smooth, timber voice continued to resonate causing her to melt once again.

"That you dropped this," he finished to reveal a regal blue fountain pen. "You ran away so fast that you didn't even know you dropped it." He chuckled. She was so enraptured by his presence that she almost missed what he said.

"Thanks," she sputtered as she stole another glance into his eyes while she received the pen. "I didn't even realize . . . I . . ." she trailed off. 'Damn! I should say something instead of just ogling,' she told herself. "Hey. Would you . . ." she began to just be cut off by her ringing cell phone. "Hold on," she asked in defeat. "Stupid cell phone!"
He smiled. Sara took a couple steps away and answered her relentless phone.


"Hello?! Where the hell are you?!" A violent voice shrieked. As a reflex Saya jerked her head away from the phone. The stranger cracked a smile, for the caller was loud enough to hear.

"I'm just running . . ."

"Do you think I care? Get you ass back here in five minutes or you're fired!" The voice threatened. Dial tone followed the absurdly terrifying voice.

"I am so dead!" Saya exclaimed in terror as she began to sprint back toward the direction of the restaurant. "I'll see ya later," she called back toward the stranger. He just nodded with another warm smile as he headed for the opposite direction.

While closing up, Saya glumly recalled the day's events. 'While on break you meet the man of your dreams, make a complete ass of yourself, talk to him, get you ass chewed out by your boss, nearly get fired, and have nothing to show for it! Who am I kidding? I'll never see him again; I don't even know his name . . . Why am I even thinking about him? There is no way he'd even give me a second look. He'd never want to be with someone as weird as me. . ." she continued her menial labor.

"What would you do without me? Megumi would have fired your sorry ass if I didn't step in!" Her sister/assistant manager said with a smile plastered on her face.

"Really," Sara dryly replied as she continued scrubbing.

"Yup. Well whatever . . . enough with the small talk. I am going to give your weeks pay." She began as she took out her checkbook. Saya's eyes did not change. She still felt broken. "Hey, do you have a pen this one is out," he sister alleged as she shook the pen between her fingers.

"Sure," she glumly responded as she handed her a blue fountain pen.

"Heey! This is a nice pen," her sister remarked as she began twirling it between her fingers. "Where did you get a pen like this? It must have cost you a fortune!" Sara glanced up at the pen trying to recollect the requested information.

"Well I got it . . ." she trailed off as something sparked off inside her. She took a closer look at the pen and concentrated. "Wait a second, that's not mine . . ." she realized.

"What's this?" her sister asked as she noticed a small slip of paper hidden away in the cap of the pen.