Oh I wish I was dead, dead as a ghost flying at night,

talking to my lover whose been dead for a time,

cant walk straight, in the curves I follow,

walking along the midnight shadow,

fighting for air that repairs,

digging my claws into my jaws,

screaming DEATH, DEATH,

I don't need respect I just wish I could clash with the reaper,

he would let me meet my maker,

ill tell him I'm a faker, I'm a quaker, shaker,

let me end these days with glory in my box along the wall in the hall,

if not glory then pain,

straight pain that will eat me alive,

where I would have to dive just to quit the burn,

BURN they say,

running to escape the waves of pain,

i'd have to lean on a cane that I would use to batter my brains in with,

only if I could, I understood my life challenge to live and make something of myself,

well I cant, its over, my life has gone to an end,

I speak for myself for the last time,

in the past times maybe not,

I may have committed crimes but I shall pay in hell,

were I shall dwell, and live in pain,

pain is the only love,

it succumbs to everything,

with a rush I crush into the ocean,

to drown, to die, to live in myself,

by myself, in hell.