Your lips shatter my thoughts day and night I tell you to go away then I remember the way your smile makes me crazy my heart skips when you talk, your eyes catch mine from across the way, I hate to say that I love you so, I cant be yours and you cant be mine the scent of you drives me wild, you have the ability to make me stutter, makes me wonder what makes us this way, is it the stars? the moon? the people around us that don't want us together? my eyes lock on you when your in the room, you take my attention with out asking, I mutter your name with out cause, I stomp my feet in anger, I bury my head in muddy water wanting to drown, end my life not wanting to go on with out you, your the beat of my heart when you leave I die when I see you I awaken, I'm a zombie with out you i need to hear you, i want you with a passion unmistakable, your love is like fuel and I'm the fire, i burn with envy, i walk your walk, talk your talk, but we're different