This one's dedicated to Hiyamoto and KK where ever dear KK is...

I started to think
I was gonna drown
I went under
and touched the ground,

I heard a man yelling
and a girl I liked
screaming at me
oh so worried

I remember seeing
the surface clearly
as two people
dragged me up

I see KK
floating with me in her arms
"you scared me"
she said

I watched
as he disappeared
the man in black
with those dark glasses

who was he?
"Cait, who helped you"
"what do you mean"
was her reply

"that man with the glasses
the one with the katana"
again she asks.

the name's Hiyamoto kid
is the voice I heard
it sounded distant
I'm your inner spirit

"come on"
kk yells
and I decided to follow
and we continued to play

Thanks Hiyamoto
for helping KK
for saving me
and for being there

I guess that's what gaurdian angels are there for huh?