the doll wont wear her dress

had the soot yet turned to blood
above the girl (laughing with
her goddess abandon) or the silk
flimsy angel black sheets beneath
her turned egret pure? humanity
is never found in these bins
of filth and that is why i cry and
why she grins (so unmerci
fully and still half sad sorta angry
) at me when i cant (baths are
for rich(moneymoneymoney)folk
in uncardboard houses on
pretty pretty black paved roads) get
it up because i feel too damn dirty
to touch anybody especially
her because oh she is so damn
pretty like the roads and if i had
proof of the blood i would almost
say that she is human like me or im
not human not here not here i was
a long time ago but that time
(when i didnt have to dream of
white sheets) went away to be re
placed by her weird soft tooth
sharp smile laugh scream

she promised more than i could
give her but i work hard and she
doesnt and im still waiting for
the humanity to take over because
no one can stay this fake for this
long (my god has it been years
or weeks i dont know) and
ive almost had enough of the harlots
not caring attitude (arent you when
youre with someone supposed
to love them) in the face of (mis)

28 January 2007