Finding a new way to crawl beneath my skin,

Haunt me,

Make me itch,

Making me feel like helpless prey,

And my predators,

Hidden from my view,

In the darkness that surrounds me,


You don't know it...

The darkness is watching,

Forever, ever.


Hoping to kill...

But never does.

It won't eat you,

Until it's killed you...

Slit your wrists in your insanity...

My insanity is ebbing at my thoughts,

Taking away a thought,

A capability,

Every second,

And when I think it may be over...

I may be dead...

I'm not.

There is still more of me to go.

To burn.

To incinerated.

To mutilate.

I always find something gone...

But I can't remember what it is...

Losing more and more.

Dying more and more.




I'm lost...

Will you help me?

The darkness is swallowing me...

Broken body,

Lost in itself,

No light in her eyes.