The Insafe

In here, we're so much safer. We know more than people on the outside could ever know, more than they could ever dream of knowing. It's not that we're better than them; we're no smarter nor wiser. We've just been blessed with a knowledge that they don't know they crave. It was this knowledge that got us locked away in the first place but its okay, we're safe here for now where we can work at the knowledge and untie it piece by piece, seeing even more of the picture. We only wanted to share it so that they might understand too, and what did we get? We got called crazy, insane, psychotic. We got thrown away, left at the back of their minds behind bars, nurses, councillors and walls. They want to "cure" us. Cure us of what? This glorifying knowledge? This safe state of mind? They just want us to forget, they want to take down the safety of what we know as right. Maybe they're jealous, or maybe it's a conspiracy. They can't have the truth leaking out now, can they? It doesn't matter to us though, because we're safe as long as we obey the knowledge. We're just so safe. When this alleged "real" world falls apart for them which we know it will, they'll be lost and broken, they'll fall apart and wonder what the hell went wrong. But we won't. We knew it was coming, we saw the signs, we'll be able to deal with it the way we learnt how. We'll be just fine slipping in and out of our parallel universes with the ability to stay safe and happy. Even when something earthly goes wrong, like war - or even a bad break-up - we're the ones in control, we can slip into another life, whether it takes an intoxicant or a knife over flesh to do so, we'll be safe and in control. We're able to let go but them, them on the outside who think they're the ones in control, they can't. Eventually they'll not be able to handle it, they'll know they want the knowledge but they just can't grasp it, it's too far out of their reach because they've been out there for too long. That's when they go off the rails. They just don't understand that this material world is a lie. They don't understand that as we stare at these plain white walls and lay back on these uncomfortable beds whilst having our wrist and leg straps tightened, that we're the safest of all. We're actually the sane.

We've got to be, because, really, what else do we have?


-- Even Gods Dream, 11th February 2007